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Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, stressed during the University Council meeting, that the deans of the faculties have completed all the necessary preparations to receive students with the beginning of the new academic year 2023/2024, which is scheduled to start at the beginning of next week, and to confirm the readiness of the faculties for the regularity of lectures and educational services since the first day, the presence of faculty members, the announcement of lectures timetables, the preparation of auditoriums, lecture halls, laboratories, libraries and medical clinics in all faculties. He directed to follow up regularly on cleanliness inside the university campus, and to place informational signs, in addition to insurance and protection work for the university campus with the start of study, and to provide various means of safety and security in all university facilities. The university president directed the need to ensure good reception of students and hold student meetings to introduce them to the nature of university life and integrate them into student activities to hone their skills and develop their talents, raise students’ awareness of the culture of volunteer and community work, the values ​​of belonging, loyalty and acceptance of others, and train students in different life skills.
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 The University President congratulated the Council on the occasion of the anniversary of the Prophet’s birth and the fiftieth anniversary of the victories of the glorious October War, pointing out that the university’s faculties celebrated this occasion for a full week and held various activities, to develop awareness and patriotic feelings among students, and introduce them to the historical epic when their fathers and grandfathers fought to change the course of history, the sacrifices and heroism made by the great Egyptian army and Egyptian soldiers in order to preserve the land, restore rights, and raise the value of the homeland.
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 In preparation for participating in the Green Metric World University Ranking, the University President stressed that the deansof the faculties should prepare an inventory of the public buildings in the faculties to rehabilitate and operate them with solar energy, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and within the framework of the MAIA-TAQA and SOLE projects funded by the European Union, with the aim of consuming clean and low-cost energy.
 The Council approved the memorandum of understanding between Alexandria University (Faculty of Early Childhood Education) and the Directorate of Health Affairs in Alexandria, the memorandum of understanding between Alexandria University and Nile National University, the memorandum of cooperation between Alexandria University (Faculty of Tourism and Hotels) and the University of Turiba - Latvia, and the cooperation agreement between Alexandria University and Georgia Tech University in the United States of America to cooperate in the field of entrepreneurship and student exchange, and provide the necessary support programs to incubate startup companies.
 The Council agreed to accept donations submitted by the American company Keysight, which is a set of devices for the electronics laboratory in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, valued at approximately 2 million pounds, and to accept donations submitted by the Horizon Solidarity Foundation, which are equipment for equipping the Fab Lab at the Faculty of Engineering, valued at approximately 1.8 million pounds. Eight hundred thousand pounds.
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 The Council approved the promotion of 13 faculty members, 5 to the position of professor, 8 to the position of associate professor, the appointment of 24 lecturers, and the granting of 32 doctoral degrees and 63 master’s degrees in various scientific specializations.

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Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, received the Director and Deputy Director of the fifth edition of Steps into Field Project, who participated in organizing and preparing the student training project, which included several lectures, workshops, field visits, and the proposal of many applied projects that were judged by specialized professors in the faculties of agriculture and veterinary medicine. Today's visit was also attended by Dr. Ali Abdelmohsen, Acting Vice President of the University for Education and Student Affairs.
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Dr. Konsowa thanked the participating students and faculties, stressing the university’s keenness to carry out activities that would hone students’ skills and qualify them for the labour market through integration between different sciences, which contributes to advancing employment, and creating small projects based on real feasibility studies. He promised to support the project with all the capabilities of the university in its next edition.
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The student training project Steps into Field concluded its work in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Bahey El-Din, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. Sami Khalil, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Ahmed Abdelfattah, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture at Saba Pasha Campus, Mr. Magdy Saad El-Gharib, representative of the State Information Service, as well as several vice deans and faculty members.
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Dr. Ali Abdelmohsen indicated in his speech, delivered on his behalf by Dr. Mohamed Bahey El-Din, that the project was actually able to hone the students’ academic and practical skills through dozens of lectures, workshops, and visits to modern animal production centres, and at the end of the project, the students presented many small-scale productive projects built on the real feasibility studies. He added that the project is only the beginning towards the future and integration into the labour market.
Certificates for the project were distributed to the students participating in the training project in the presence of their families, which created an atmosphere of happiness and joy for the ceremony.

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Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, congratulated the Alexandria University team (EFFCT) for winning second prize in the international Hult Prize competition held in the French capital, Paris, after competing with more than 10,000 teams from 110 countries, during which the Alexandria University team was able to reach the final yesterday.
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The Alexandria University team, which won a financial prize worth about 4 million Egyptian pounds, founded a startup company to recycle clothing industry waste, after winning first place last May in the “Egypt Summit for Community Investment Projects” competition launched by the Innovators and Geniuses Fund, in cooperation with Hult Prize International Competition Authority, where competition took place between several student teams at different Egyptian universities, which have ideas and prototypes for community projects in the field of clothing and fashion, which can be turned into startup companies.
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The Hult Prize competition is the largest student competition in the world, with more than 100,000 students participating after qualifying rounds in more than 120 countries. It aims to develop the skills of imagination, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, in order to solve pressing social problems.


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Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, congratulated Dr. Abdallah Tag El-Din Mansour, Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal and Fish Production at the Faculty of Agriculture in Saba Pasha, on the occasion of his registration of the first individual patent in the field of marine fish physiology, from the United States Patent and Trademark Center. He was honoured by Professor Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Ohali, President of King Faisal University, who awarded him the University Shield for the year 2023, wishing him continued success and advancement.
Dr. Abdallah Tag El-Din indicated that the idea of the invention is a device that can determine the sex of fish by instantly estimating some metabolic compounds in the blood and comparing them to an internal electronic library of the levels of some of these compounds to give accurate and reliable results. He explained that the invention is a hand-held, water-resistant device, which makes it easier for the researchers to conduct extensive field survey studies in the field of marine fisheries and biological studies of fish, through which the dynamics of fish population reproduction can be studied, and the natural stock of fish can be predicted. He added that the invention has other applications in the field of marine fish hatching, as it can be used in many farmed marine fish.


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On Thursday the 21st of September 2023, Dr. Ali Abdelmohsen, Acting Vice President of Alexandria University for Education and Student Affairs, on behalf of Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of the University, received a delegation from Nanjing Agricultural University of China (NAU), headed by Professor Chen Fadi, President of the University, to enhance research and academic cooperation between the two sides in the agricultural field and other academic fields.
During the meeting, the dual academic degrees available to each of them were reviewed, as well as the possibility of offering scholarships for master’s and doctoral studies in various scientific specializations, and the exchange of faculty members and students between the two sides. A number of possible cooperation proposals were also discussed, including the establishment of dual scientific programs and the exchange of joint scientific research.
In his speech, Dr. Ali Abdelmohsen welcomed the Chinese delegation to Alexandria University, stressing the depth of relations between Egypt and China, explaining that Alexandria University has unique scientific specializations, and the university seeks to achieve scientific partnerships with major international universities, including Chinese universities with advanced international classification.
For his part, the head of the delegation, Professor Chen Fadi, gave an introductory overview of Nanjing Agricultural University, explaining that the university has many different scientific specializations, and is also ranked seventh in the US News classification for the best university in the field of agriculture. The university also offers a global award, the World Agriculture Prize, to reward contributors to education and scientific research in the field of agriculture and life sciences and has joint international programs at the bachelor’s and postgraduate levels. He pointed out that there are many Egyptian students who have graduated from Nanjing University and are now working in Egyptian universities and research institutions, and expressed his desire to cooperate with Alexandria University in research and academic fields of common interest.
The meeting was attended by Dr. Mohamed Bahey El-Din, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. Ahmed Abdelfattah, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture in Saba Pasha, Dr. Sameh Shehata, Supervisor of the Office of International Relations, Dr. Bushra Salem, Assistant to the University President for University Classification, Dr. Jehan Gowifel, Assistant to the University President for Foreign University Branches. and Dr. Mohamed El-Masry, coordinator of cooperation between the two sides.
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