Vision :
Alexandria University aspires to restore the historic status of Alexandria University and to achieve a comprehensive qualitative leap in various fields of knowledge within a frame work of noble human values, enabling it to take a leading position in its national , Arab, African, Mediterranean and global environments.
Mission :
The University of Alexandria is a national, educational, research, and development institution integrated into the production and dissemination of knowledge. Also emphasis the building of a modern human being and cultural rehabilitation of the society. And be able to assume leadership positions in all sectors.
Value :
- Creativity & Innovation: Providing supportive climate to discover knowledge and embrace and encourage development initiatives.
- Quality & Excellence: Commitment to quality standards in accordance with international references in all outputs of the university educational, research, professional and cultural to achieve excellence and good competition.
- Team spirit: Creating an institutional climate and culture that encourages teamwork and team spirit.
- Belief & Commitment: To preserve cultural and civilizational heritage and to abide by ethical charters and university traditions.
- Freedom of thoughts: Supporting academic freedom in the context of social responsibility and respect for others, encouraging intellectual diversity and fostering a culture of tolerance.
- Justice & equal opportunities: The University is committed to providing equal opportunities for all without discrimination based on religion, race, gender or age.
- Transparency: Commitment to impartiality, honesty, objectivity and transparency in university practices and respect for intellectual property rights in accordance with the laws governing them locally and internationally.