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Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, praised the efforts of Alexandria University students, who eradicated illiteracy of 1646 citizens in the April 2023 session in 9 governorates: Alexandria, Beheira, Kafr El Sheikh, Gharbia, Matrouh, Aswan, Sohagm Sharkia, and Menoufia. Dr. Konsowa stressed Alexandria University’s keenness to carry out its role in community service, within the framework of the university's social and national responsibility, and in implementation of the state's plan to achieve sustainable development goals until 2030, including addressing the dangers of illiteracy.
Dr. Mohamed Anwar, Dean of the Faculty of Education, indicated that 8,395 classes have been opened in 9 governorates to eradicate illiteracy of citizens, explaining that this achievement is the culmination of the efforts of all project participants from the university staff, and the efforts of its students participating in eradicating illiteracy. He thanked the students of the educational sector at the university, as the main partner of its success to reach this achievement.

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Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, witnessed the inauguration of the Civil Society Conference: Towards a Multidimensional Partnership in the New Republic, which is organized by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, on Tuesday and Wednesday. The opening ceremony was attended H.E. Dr. Nevine El-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, Dr. Ahmed Zayed, Director of The Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and Major General Mohamed El-Sherif, Governor of Alexandria, and it included an exhibition of NGO products from various governorates of the Republic.
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In her speech, the Minister of Solidarity affirmed that His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is always keen to strengthen the capabilities of civil society, and has launched many initiatives that serve the Egyptian society. She added that the ministry is currently focusing on the issue of investing in the current and future generations during the era of globalisation, as well as investing in soft powers in Egypt and the contribution of civil society in promoting awareness.
She also indicated that civil society has always been effective in Egypt since ancient times, and is one of the most important elements of the state whether through presence, partnership, or integration between all parties. Dr. El-Kabbaj explained that the new law for civil society provided many advantages and rights. In addition, the partnership with civil society has become more mature and is based on independence, diversity, respect, and openness. She noted the importance of the conference, which represents a meeting of thought and awareness and stresses the importance of preserving the Egyptian heritage.
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Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa pointed out that civil society institutions are considered of the most important elements of the new republic, pointing out that most of the handicrafts in the exhibition are the nucleus of major projects and startups, using locally manufactured industries and raw materials, and are also indicators of sustainable development that the Egyptian state is currently witnessing. Dr. Konsowa asserted that Alexandria University spares no effort in supporting all innovative students with ideas to manufacture a local product. He thanked the Minister of Social Solidarity for her efforts in supporting the struggling students, indicating that the ministry has paid more than 6 million pounds to support these students. Dr. Konsowa pointed out that there is cooperation between Alexandria University and the Ministry of Social Solidarity to support innovative students who are financially unable, to benefit from the joint academic degrees in cooperation with international universities, stressing that the financial inability of the outstanding and creative students will not be an obstacle stopping them from gaining the opportunity to obtain these joint degrees.
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While Major General Mohamed Al-Sharif emphasized that civil society institutions are the link between the citizen and the executive officials of the state in communicating the problems of citizens. He indicated that there is an effective and successful partnership between civil society organisations and Alexandria Governorate, pointing out that civil society institutions are the backbone for any official and they are the link between the citizen and the official. He also stressed that all Alexandria Governorate agencies seek to activate the role of civil society organisations to participate in achieving Egypt’s Vision 2030, so we must all spread the culture of volunteering and work together to improve our society.
Dr. Ahmed Zayed stressed that the conference comes within the context of the “Egypt of Tomorrow” initiative, which he established after being appointed as director of the Alexandria Library, with the aim of shedding light on development efforts, the role of civil society in participation and development, and all efforts aimed at modernising Egyptian society in all aspects. He added that this conference comes as a continuation of a similar conference held in early November, in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, and resulted in proposals and recommendations, including interest in partnership between the government and civil society on the one hand, and between civil society organizations themselves, and between them and international development agencies on the other hand.
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Dr. Ashraf El-Ghandour, Vice President of Alexandria University for Graduate Studies and Research Affairs, announced during the Postgraduate Studies and Research Council, that the application submissions for the second phase of the Alexandria University initiative to support researchers “Call 2” will start from the 15th of September until the 31st of October 2023.
Dr. El-Ghandour indicated that that this second phase was opened due to the unprecedented success achieved by the results of the first initiative, "Call 1", during which researchers presented a set of applied scientific research that supports the research community in Alexandria and is related to industry. He added that the grant budget has been increased from EGP 200,000 to EGP 300,000 per project, in order to highlight outstanding research results and support international scientific publishing, by rewarding researchers who publish in internationally classified global journals, as well as improving the research level and creating a spirit of scientific competition among all Alexandria University affiliates.
* The Council approved the cooperation agreement between Alexandria University and the Chinese Ministry of Education (Language Education Centre), the memorandum of understanding between Alexandria University and the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the cooperation agreement between the Faculty of Physical Education for Girls (Alexandria University) and the Tree Fox College in Canada, and the cooperation protocol between the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels at Alexandria University, and each of the National Agency for Management and Investment, Regal Heights Hotel, and Crystal Inn El Alamein Hotel.
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Dr. Wael Nabil, Vice President of Alexandria University for Education and Student Affairs, during the meeting of the Education and Student Affairs Council on the morning of Monday the 19th of June 2023, thanked the faculties’ vice-deans for the effort made to complete the second semester final exams process in an optimal manner, stressing that the university is working to provide all the appropriate conditions for students to perform their exams with ease. He also stressed the need to provide an appropriate atmosphere for students with disabilities during the examination period, to ensure equal opportunities and provide a fair environment for all students.
• Dr. Nabil stressed the importance of speedy completion of grading the exam papers and approving the final results before the end of July 2023.
• The Council praised the efforts of the Faculty of Medicine, the latest of which was the establishment of a bone marrow transplantation unit and its accessories, which was inaugurated by His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi last week via video conference, at a cost of 65 million pounds.
• The Council discussed the rules governing student transfers for the new academic year 2023/2024.
• In accordance with the directives of H.E. the President of the Republic, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the Council affirmed the opportunity for Sinai youth to engage in Egyptian society through scholarships within public and national universities and affirmed the readiness of Alexandria University to receive them in its various faculties.
• Dr. Salah Suleiman, Professor of Chemistry and Toxicity of Pesticides, reviewed a summary of the activities of the Community Issues course (university requirement) and the activities that were achieved during the two semesters of the academic year 2022/2023 aimed at building the knowledge and leadership capacities of registered students and educating them on some important societal issues that surround their community on both the national and international levels, indicating some of the requirements that contribute to achieving the course's mission.
• Dr. Siddika Lashin, Professor of Theatre at the Faculty of Arts, and Professor Dr. Reem Hafez, Applied Linguistics Program Officer at the Faculty of Arts, reviewed a report on the representation of Alexandria University in the Federation of Arab Universities Forum, which was held in Morocco from the 1st until the 5th of May 2023. This presentation dealt with the most important student exchange opportunities between Alexandria University and the Arab universities participating in the forum. Alexandria University has reaped 22 training opportunities for university students in various scientific and literary fields.
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Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University congratulated Dr. Emad Khalil, Professor of the UNESCO Chair for Underwater Cultural Heritage and Director of the Centre for Maritime Archeology and Underwater Cultural Heritage at Alexandria University, on his election as Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee of UNESCO for the 2001 Convention, during the fourteenth meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee of UNESCO, and the ninth meeting of the Member States of the 2001 UNESCO Convention for the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage, which was held from 13-15 June 2023 at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. It was held in the presence of Mr. Ernesto Ottoni, Assistant Director-General of UNESCO, and Ms. Christa Picat, Secretary General of the UNESCO Charter Department for the year 2001, and delegations representing the 72 member countries of the Convention. This is the first time that Egypt chairs this committee, which consists of 14 international experts specializing in underwater cultural heritage, and considered the organization's scientific reference in that field.
It is worth noting that during the meeting of the member states, the role of Egypt and the University of Alexandria was commended, represented by the UNESCO Chair for Underwater Cultural Heritage, for the remarkable effort, effective and diverse regional and international activities aimed at building regional and Arab capacities in the fields of heritage. The administration of the 2001 Convention praised the various aspects of cooperation between the UNESCO Chair at Alexandria University, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and the UNESCO Office in Cairo, in support of activities related to underwater cultural heritage in the Arab region.