Faculty News

Prof. Dr. Rushdi Zahran, head of the University of Alexandria issued a decree appointing Dr. Nagat Hassan Ahmed Shaheen, Professor at the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Faculty of Education as vice-dean of the faculty for Community Service and Environmental Development, for a period of three years.


Dr. Essam El Kurdi, President of Alexandria University, recently witnessed the celebration of the Faculty of Engineering graduating the 73rd batch of the Faculty, the class of 2019, in a ceremony attended by Dr. Abdulaziz Qanswah, Governor of Alexandria, Dr. Mostafa El-Naggar, President of Matrouh University, Dr. Said Allam, Dean of the College, and faculty deans. Gentlemen, faculty, and parents of graduates.











Alexandria University President Dr. Essam El-Kurdi has honored the final student group in the Faculty of Engineering who developedagraduation project on concrete. The students conducted field study on the buildings around the leaning building in Azarita to insure the construction safety of those buildings.

The meeting was attended by AU deputy for Education and Students Affairs Dr. Hisham Gaber, AU deputy for Matroh bransh

Dr. Mohamed Ismail and Dr. Abdel Aziz konswa Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.

The faculty deputy for Education and Students Affairs Dr. Said Allam pointed out that the project group includes one Syrian student.

The Rector also honored the engineering team that achieved the third place in the international ROV Competition for designing and building new generations of Rovers that was held in Long Beach City, USA in June 2017.


The President of Alexandria University Dr. Essam El Kurdi issued a decree to renew the appointment Dr. Gaber Abdel Hady Salem as Deputy of the Faculty of Law for Graduate Studies for three years starting from 10/2/2018.



Alexandria University President Dr. Essam El-Kurdi signed an appointment decree for Dr. Amina Mokhtar Yakout to be Deputy of the Faculty of

Commerce for Community Service and Environment Development for three years.