Faculty News


Dr. Roshdy Zahran, the President of Alexandria University appointed Dr. Emad Khalil Helmy, the Professor at Department of Greek and Romanian Studies in the Faculty of Arts as the Faculty Deputy for Education and Students Affairs for three years.

Dr. Hisham Gaber, Alexandria University Vice President for Education and Students Affairs opened the sixth international workshop organized by the Faculty of Specific Education under the title "Woman in the light of peace and sustainable development".

In his speech, Dr. Gaber emphasized the university role strengthen concepts of enlightenment, creativity, culture and arts and not to be limited to the academic aspect.

Dr. Gaber pointed to the importance of this global event organized by the Faculty of Specific Education, which comes as part of the university's celebration of its Diamond Jubilee. He referred to the subjects of the workshop about the women who is the whole society, not half. He also thanked Dr. Hend Hanafi as a model in the Egyptian society as the first woman to hold the position of president of Alexandria University.


Dr. Rushdy Zahran, President of Alexandria University issued a decree to appoint Dr. Khadija Ahmad Abdel Aziz the Professor at Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry as Faculty Deputy for Education and Student Affairs for coming three years.

Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Rushdi Zahran, president of Alexandria University - Faculty of Agriculture organized a seminar entitled " Food security and sustainable resource management " on the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of the water.
Prof. Mohamed Abaza, vice president for branch Matruh explained that such seminar comes with challenges taking place in Egypt, whether related to water resources or the growing food gap as a result of population growth and encroachment on agricultural land, solving these problems is through the optimum utilization of irrigation water and separated from the rationalization of drinking water consumption of Egypt's share of Nile water and the search for new solutions to save water and increase agricultural expansion on the Nile


The Faculty of Science, Alexandria University celebrated the Science Day with a symposium entitled "Quadrature of a circle" with the participation of the student chapter of the American Chemical Society "ACS". The event included lectures addressed Prof. Mohamed Salah El Din El Nashaey, professor of Physics and Nanotechnology.

Dr. El Nashaey spoke about the ancient Egyptians and discovering the approximate ratio. He also spoke on energy and nuclear reactors through the mathematics and sociology.

Dr. Ahmed Harb the former dean of the Faculty of Natural Resources Engineering in the German University in Jordan spoke

on the subject of the education system and university management in the German University in Jordan.