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The Faculty of Science at the University of Alexandria organized in cooperation with exploratory educational centers of the Ministry of Education in Alexandria, Ibn al-Haytham competition of scientific ideas for students of schools and universities, on Sunday, July 31, 2016 - Faculty of Science (Shatby).

The competition is aimed to improve scientific and innovative talent among students at all levels in order to a better future for education in Egypt, as well as follow-up and care, and the development in all fields and to help them to step up their ideas, innovations and creativity.

About 65 students participated in the competition from different ages. And the average age of the participating students 15-16 years, where 17 students from elementary and junior attended the competition.

It is worth mentioning that this unique competition allows students of all levels with the participation of creative ideas, electrical engineering and Computer, physics, chemistry, biology and environmental science.

The number of submitted ideas 45 idea and a group of faculty members and businessmen participated in the arbitration of projects and has been awarded a number of five awards to the winning ideas of the first five centers and the Cup for the best project to serve the environment and society.


Dr. Roshdy Zahran, the President of Alexandria University appointed Dr. Emad Khalil Helmy, the Professor at Department of Greek and Romanian Studies in the Faculty of Arts as the Faculty Deputy for Education and Students Affairs for three years.

Dr. Hisham Gaber, Alexandria University Vice President for Education and Students Affairs opened the sixth international workshop organized by the Faculty of Specific Education under the title "Woman in the light of peace and sustainable development".

In his speech, Dr. Gaber emphasized the university role strengthen concepts of enlightenment, creativity, culture and arts and not to be limited to the academic aspect.

Dr. Gaber pointed to the importance of this global event organized by the Faculty of Specific Education, which comes as part of the university's celebration of its Diamond Jubilee. He referred to the subjects of the workshop about the women who is the whole society, not half. He also thanked Dr. Hend Hanafi as a model in the Egyptian society as the first woman to hold the position of president of Alexandria University.



Alexandria University Vice President Dr. Hisham Gaber visited the Theoretical Complex to review the second semester exam in the faculties of Tourism, Law, Commerce, Arts and Education. He emphasized on providing proper psychological atmosphere for the students, and preventing any opportunity for cheating.

Dr. Hisham Gaber also reviewed the work inside control rooms and stressed on finishing examination papers and announcing final results as soon as possible.

Dr. Gaber was accompanied by deans and deputies of the faculties of the theoretical complex during his tour.

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 Under the patronage of Mr. Mohamed Saffan, Minister of Manpower and Prof.Dr. Essam El Kordy, President of Alexandria University, the Faculty of Commerce organized on Wednesday 31/1/2018 under the chairmanship of Dr. El Sayed El-Saifi, Dean of the Faculty and in cooperation with the Ministry of Manpower, the first training courses in the field of solar energy applications under the title “The future of solar energy,” which was attended by Mr. Tarek Rifai, Director of Inspection Department.

Dr. Saifi stressed the importance of these courses in spreading the culture of entrepreneurship among young students and university graduates. He added that the course aims to learning how to produce, install, operate and maintain solar panels in cooperation with the largest international companies in this field.

Dr. Abdel Moneim Fawzy expressed the possibility of implementing this idea among the people of Zawaideh area, where 50 individuals have already been sent as a first step to attend the workshop and training courses to rehabilitate them in order to find job opportunities for them and raise their standard of living and benefit from these energies in the near future. As part of the University's keenness to spread the culture of self-employment among the members of society.

The seminar was attended by Mr. Yasser Saeed, Advisor from the Ministry of Manpower, faculty members and a large number of students.