Faculty News


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The Youth Welfare Department at the faculty of Commerce, in cooperation with the Addiction Anti-Addiction Fund, organized an awareness-raising campaign against drug addiction, and the campaign was held in the college’s yard, with the participation of students showing the extent of students ’awareness of the need to participate and explain the harms of drugs and addiction provided by the Fund, with full and complete commitment to all precautionary measures and social distancing


In the framework of the celebration of AU Diamond Jubilee, the Faculty of Commerce held charity market for students. The event was held under auspices of Acting Dean Dr. Yehya Abdel Ghani

Abu Al-Futouh to strengthen social solidarity. The market started on Tuesday 20/12/2016 with participation of faculty members and the Graduates Community of the Faculty of Commerce in addition to Dr. Mohamed Omar Hammad Abu Doh, the Faculty deputy for Community Service and Environment Development.


The Faculty of Economic Studies and Political Science organized a symposium on the Palestinian problem and its implications for the Egyptian national security. A lecture was delivered by the ambassador Mohammed Orabi the former Egyptian minister of Foreign Affair. Mr. Orabi is currently President of the foreign affairs committee in the House of Representative. The symposium was attended by Dr. Kadri Ismail Dean of the faculty, Dr. Mamdouh Mansour, Head of the Political Science Department, Dr. Ali Abdel Wahab, Faculty deputy for Education and Students Affairs and a group of faculty members and students.


Dr. Roshdy Zahran, the President of Alexandria University appointed Dr. Mohamed Hazem Abu Youssef, the professor at Physical Training Department in the Faculty of Physical Education (Girls) as the Faculty Deputy for Community Services and Environment Development.


on supporting its distinguished students in all activities especially in sport so that the faculty addressed congratulations to its

students who achieved advanced places in university championships, and they are:

* Zeyad Mohamed Abd Al Rahman, the student in the second class who occupied the first place in Karate competition.

* Noha Tarek Wasfy, the student in the third class who occupied the first place in Fencing competition.

* Marwan Mohammad, the student in the first class who occupied the third place in Squash competition.

* Nadine Ahmed Effat, the student in the first class who occupied the third place on the university level in Squash.

* Alaa Mohammad Ahmad Al-berkdar, the student in the third class who occupied the first place in Tennis competition.

* Faculty football team on strong representation.