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The President of Alexandria University Dr. Essam El-Kurdy received Germany ambassador in Cairo, Julius George Loi to discuss development of cooperation means between AU and the German universities, support scientific and academic exchange and to increase scholarship and missions in Germany.

Dr. Kurdi emphasized AU concern to contact with German universities to make use of German expertise in technical and professional education within the frame of university intention to establish technological faculties in engineering and medical fields in Burg El Arab. He indicated that Alexandria combines more than 40% of the industrial projects in Egypt and added that AU provides scientific and technical advices to different industrial bodies under the frame the role of community service. Also, Alexandria University has established Career Development Center to help graduates and students and qualifying them for the labor market through training and workshops.

The ambassador underlined the desire of his country to cooperate with Egypt and exchange experiences in education field to meet labor market requirements. Mr. Julius invited the leaders of Alexandria University to attend the activities organized by the embassy to announce for scholarships and scientific projects provided by the German government for students from Egyptian universities.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Hisham Gaber the university vice president for Education and Students Affairs, Rawya Teama the Scientific Advisor in the German embassy and Mr. Roman Lukeshter, the President of German Scientific Exchange DAAD and members of German embassy.


The President of Alexandria University Dr. Essam El-Kurdi has received the ambassador of South Africa in Cairo with a delegation including the ministerial committee of Kwazulu-Natal district during their visit to Alexandria. The two sides discussed possible ways of cooperation and friendship between AU and the South African universities.

Dr. Kurdi emphasized AU concern to contact with the African countries based on its role and continuous interest to undertake its regional role towards Africa. He welcomed the students from South Africa to study in the specialized programs in the faculties of AU in English and French language. He also pointed that AU can sign cooperation agreements in the required scientific and research fields.

The ambassador underlined the desire of his country to cooperate with Alexandria University as Alexandria city has historical, economic and scientific reputable value. He indicated that he wants to send students from South Africa to study in the international program in the Faculties of Medicine and Engineering.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Hisham Gaber the university vice president for Education and Students Affairs, Dr. Mohamed Ismail the university vice president for Matrouh branch affairs and Dr. Ibrahim Rehab the Advisor of university president for African affairs.

The Council of Education and Students Affairs in Alexandria University headed by Dr. Hisham Gaber discussed ways of cooperation with African universities to maximize the benefits of the program "Pan Africa" through increasing usage of satellite broadcasting and video conference technologies, in order to achieve the objectives of joint cooperation with African institutions for higher education especially AU branches in Chad and South Sudan.

The Council also agreed to create a secured form for graduation certificates using Computer application to insure data accuracy and easy publishing.

The council reviewed the proposal of adding community service program as mandatory requirement for graduation through participating in one of the volunteering activities in community service. This should strengthening their sense of belonging and citizenship of the students and should be reflected positively on the society. The Council decided to form a committee to study and prepare proposal for the program and how to be applied. 



Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Essam El Kordi, President of Alexandria University and Dr. Ghada Abdel Moneim Mousa, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University, has been launched the scientific blog of the faculties and institutes of Alexandria University  as a link between university professors and other Arab and international universities.



Dr. Essam Khamis, Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Mohamed Ismail Abdo, Vice President of Alexandria University for Matrouh Branch, Dr. Sedeek Abdel Salam, President of Alumni Association & Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research and Dr. Alaa El Din Ramadan, Dean of Faculty of Science, attended the graduation day batch 72 of the program of Petroleum Geology and the second batch of the program of industrial microbiology and applied chemistry (IMAC) of 440 students. In his speech, Dr. Essam Khamis gave a lecture on scientific research in Egypt and the unified national strategy for science, technology and innovation as well as the modernization of the legislative policies of the ministry and the efforts being made to develop the information infrastructure of scientific research centers of excellence and central laboratories.

Dr. Mohamed Ismail congratulated the graduates and thanked them for the effort exerted by them and reminded them of the responsibility towards the homeland and that the time came to respond to the country's preference for them to complete the stage of construction.

Dr. Sedeek Abdul Salam pointed out that the Faculty of Science is one of the distinguished faculties and is the locomotive of scientific research at the University of Alexandria. He also called on the graduates to register their data on the website of Alumni Association of Alexandria University.

Dr. Alaa El-Din Ramadan praised the abilities of the youth of today and the ideas and innovations they have and thanked the students' parents for their efforts and support their children throughout the school years until graduation.