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Dr. RoshdyZahran, Alexandria University Head, opened the Fifth International Conference (Information and Communication Technology in our Lives) which is organized by the department of Information and Computers Systems,Faculty of Commerce, under the title of "Information Systems for Development Issues." Its events shall be for three days at the Faculty’s head office in Al Shatby.

In his speech, Dr. RoshdyZahran stressed the importance of the subject of the Conference for all sectors of society to bridge the gap between information technology and its applications and to solve the problems of society. He also pointed out the importance of establishing the concept of the modern university that is interested in education, scientific research, community service and development of human resources. That is for spreading science and knowledge and the pursuit of a competitive graduate in the local, regional and internationallabor markets.

In addition, He praised the fruitful cooperation between Alexandria University and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in general and in the projects of the mechanization of university hospitals and rehabilitation of students and graduates for the labor market in particular. He also expressed his hope that the conference shall provide recommendations that can be implemented to contribute in solving the community problems.

Dr. NohaAdly, a representative of the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, indicated that the communications and information technology has become a major influence in the educational, cultural, health, social, economic and recreational lifestyle where Internet users globally reached 3.2 billion users, number of mobile and applications users is 3.6 billion users and the number of smartphone users is 60% of the world's population.This  means that the volume of data has become very large where it opens up a wide range of scientific research and innovations emphasizing the strategic plan of the Ministry aimed at the optimal use of information technology and communications to provide all kinds of services in collaboration between the academic sector, private sector and civil society to achieve sustainable development.

On the other hand,Dr. Yousry El Gamal, former Minister of Education, asserted that many countries have started usingcommunications and information technology at the heart of its strategic plan and that the measure of knowledge index has become dependent on six key sectors: public education,higher education, technical education, communications and information technology, research, development, innovation as well as the economy.

Dr. Samir Kamel, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, pointed that the subject of the conference is in line with the direction of the state in the use of communications and information technology to resolve the community problems, industry development and face the problems of unemployment. He also stressed that communication and information technology is the perfect way to help the administration to takethe right decisions.

The Conference discusses several issues, most importantly, urban development and relating the services to sites, E-Learning, great data analysis, information technology, institutional value and performance, and enabling information technology, health and the environment.

Prof. Dr. Saeed Abdel Aziz,the former governor of Al Sharkeya, and and former dean of the Faculty of Commerce and a group of faculty members, researchers and students attended the opening.

Dr. Ashraf Nazim, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, opened a charity exhibition held in the framework of Cooperation Day, which is organized by the Social Committee ofthe Faculty’s Students Unions of expansions of the Faculty in Abees.The exhibition included scientific books, handicrafts, clothes and food.

  He also pointed that the Faculty is keen to take care of these activities that provide support for students and lead to the development of the spirit of cooperation and social solidarity among students.

Dr. EssamAl Kordy,Vice President of Alexandria University for Community Service and Environmental Development, asserted, during the meeting of Community Service and Environmental Development Council, held on Sunday morning, December 20th, 2015, on the faculties’ deputies that the faculties shall form an executive schedule and timetable for the completion of the update (MIS) data for faculty members, workers and students of each Faculty. He also stressed on all deputies to complete paper correspondences and activate dealingvia e-mail starting from next January, with the exception of financial belongings.

The Council also took note of the establishment of the Higher Institute of Public Health in several health activities, including organizing a medical convoy to Karmoz and another to the areas affected by the recent floods in EzbetHegazy, east of Smouha. That is in collaboration with Rotaract Club wherea group of staff members and assistants of the Institute particioated, as well as volunteeryouth from civil society.Both convoys included health awareness and medical clinics in the different specialties, disbursement of medicines, treatment of emergencies and health and environmental consulting.

Council of Community Service and Environmental Development, held on Sunday morning, December 20th, 2015, under the chairmanship of Dr. Essam Al Kordy, Vice President of Alexandria University for Community Service and Environmental Development, approved the research project submitted  by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdul Karim Abed Rabbo, the Professor of Environmental Studies Department at the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, to establish a Research Center for adaptation to climate change in the University to be a specialCenter for multiple research disciplines.That is with funding from the Research Center for International Development, Canada. The Center shall be responsible for the exchange of knowledge, research, experiences and best practices in the field of adaptation to climate change. This can be done through several aspects including support for research capacities through the organization workshops focusing on the technical aspects and supporting research abilities of the researchers.The Center also provides research competitive grants to the researchers in this area, the definition of policy and decision makers regarding the phenomenon of climate change, as well as economic and social consequences. In addition, it conducts economic and social studies to find better ways to cope with climate change.


Council of Community Service and Environmental Development, held on Sunday morning, December 20th, 2015, under the chairmanship of Dr. EssamAl Kordy, Vice President of Alexandria University for Community Service and Environmental Development, approved holding the Sixth Environmental Forum on April 22nd- 23rd, 2016. That is under the title of Climate Change and Sustainable Development Objectives.

On the other hand, the deputies of the faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine showed the activity plan in community service sector and the development of the environment in these faculties,following what is achieved and evaluating the activity of the special units.