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Alexandria University President Dr. Essam El Kurdi has recently received a delegation from the University of Connecticut and Virginia Tech University from USA. The visit comes under the cooperation between AU and world universities to establish Excellence Centers for renewable energy.

The two sides discussed chances of cooperation in renewable energy field like biological energy, air, solar and wind as energy sources friendly to the environment instead of the traditional fusil energy.

The meeting was attended by Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Hiewy; the executive director of Project Management Unit, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Rizk the Coordinator of the project of Excellence Centers, Prof. Dr. Rasha El Shenkiety the deputy of executive director of Project Management Unit, Dr. Afaf Oufy; the Professor of Advanced Materials and Nano-Technology, Prof. Dr. Reda Ammar; the Coordinator of international cooperation in the University of Connecticut and Dr. Khaled Hasouna the Assistant President of MENA region projects.


Dr. Ghada Mousa the Dean of the Faculty of Arts – Alexandria University emphasized the great role of the central library of the university in enrichment of the scientific research.

This came during an interview with the program "The University Wins" on channel-5 (Alexandria TV). The Dean highlighted the efforts of the university in the restoration of historical documents and monuments, that process which extended for seven phases started in 2005 and included 151 documents with a cost of 100,000 EGP in collaboration with governmental bodies.

Dr. Ghada indicated that the library has 83,000 titles and 1312 codex in Arabic and other eastern languages, some of them belong to the era before the invention of the printer. The library also contains heritage books and documents like rare maps of Alexandria, a copy of the book "Description of Egypt", rare pictures, hand writing copy of Holly Quran and old photos of historical mosques.

Dr. Ghada Mousa stated that the university is studying the establishment of a museum in the central library for historical documents and codex.



Under the international cooperation in culture and education in "Belt and Road" countries, AU President Dr. Essam  El Kurdi received Mr. Wang Rwang Hoa the President of Shanghai Institution for Education Development and Mr. Hio Mio Keng the Chief of Shanghai Museum. The three sides signed cooperation agreement. The meeting was attended by Dr. Abdel Aziz Konsowa the Vice-President of Alexandria University for Community Services and Environment Development, Dr. Ghada Mousa the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, and Dr. Lana Habib the Executive Director of the Center of Arabic Learning for Foreigners.

Dr. Kurdi declared that the establishment of "Belt and Road" center aims to enhance the cultural exchange in China, Egypt and Middle East region. He indicated that Shanghai Institution will fund the center in addition the continuous cooperation between AU and famous universities in Shanghai.

Dr. Kurdi added that the agreement included a statement that Shanghai museum will invite experts and researchers form AU to participate in the international exhibition for traditional arts and the forum of cultural heritage protection in Shanghai that is held annually. 

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Alexandria University is making new progress in the global rankings of universities
Alexandria University has made new progress in the world rankings of universities among the top 200 universities from 44 countries worldwide in 2018 according to the world ranking of the oldest universities "Golden Age Universities" of the British ranking
(THE) - Times Higher Education.
Dr. Essam El Kordy, President of the University, said that the University of Alexandria came in the (151-200). This ranking includes universities that have been established for more than 50 years and less than 80 years. He added that this is the third time that the university has entered the international rankings in a month , which came in the British ranking of the universities of the emerging economies in 2018.
It has also made progress in the World Universities Rankings (CWUR) among the best universities in the world. This confirms the success of the University's plan to work towards achieving excellence. It is required to develop regulations and study systems, increase international cooperation and improve the level of scientific research. For comprehensive development, in line with the needs of the global market and industry and to achieve the progress of society and the national economy. The classification is based on the same indicators as the British ranking THE, including the quality of education, teaching, scientific research, scientific citations and influential in scientific research, and international relations, which is the international presence of faculty, international students and international cooperation in the field of scientific research and income from industry which represents the transfer of knowledge between scientific institutions and industry

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