important news

Prof. Dr. Rushdi Zahran, Alexandria University President, recently welcomed, Mr. John Kasn, the British Ambassador in Egypt and Ms. Caroline Alcock, British Consul General in Alexandria in order to support and encourage the cooperation relations between the two sides in various scientific and academic fields

Dr. Rushdi Zahran pointed to the organization of workshops regularly in cooperation with the British Council where British experts participate to benefit from them and transfer their expertise to develop the university. He added that there is an ongoing cooperation between the University of Alexandria and many British universities through scholarships within Newton Mosharafa program in partnership between the Ministry of Higher Education and the British Council to send young researchers to study doctoral in British universities.

The ambassador emphasized the need to strengthen cooperation between the two sides and taking advantage of young people in order to build future cadres. In addition, the Ambassador congratulated the Faculty of Arts on the occasion of winning one of Newton Mosharafa projects in collaboration with Nottingham University in Britain and the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, entitled "The Egyptian Cultural Maritime Heritage Documentation" to preserve Egyptian high historical value marine areas.


Following the visit, which was attended by Prof. Dr. Sediq Abdul Salam, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Dr. Hisham Jaber, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs and Prof. Dr. Emad Khalil, director of the sunken monuments Centre, Faculty of Arts, Mr. Ambassador went to the Faculty of Arts to visit the virtual reality room and discuss cooperation projects between the two sides during the past ten years.

Prof. Dr. Essam Al Kurdy, Vice President of Alexandria University for Community Service and Environmental Development, and Prof. Dr. Hisham Jaber, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs welcomed the delegation of Chinese Center for Science and Technology under the Ministry of Science and Technology, China, to strengthen cooperation and encourage young talented scientists and researchers to join the Chinese Center for Science and Technology for training as researchers visitors for a period ranging from 6 to 12 months within the China-Africa partnership program and prepare them for do researches in the Chinese institutions and universities as well as raising the level of scientific research in various scientific and technological fields.

Prof. Dr. Essam Al Kurdy asserted on the importance of these programs and the dissemination of their information on the website of the university between faculties and institutes researchers and encourage them to apply for the program to gain the required expertise.


Ms. Wang Yan, the Center Deputy General Director, indicated that the young talented scientists program includes so far 145 scientists from 17 countries, including 43 Egyptian researchers.


The meeting was attended by Prof. Dr. Bushra Salem, the University Director of International Relations office, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Jaber Abu Ali, Faculty of Engineering Deputy for Education and Student Affairs and China former cultural adviser.

Alexandria University Council for Community Service and Environment Development during its session headed by Prof. Dr. Essam Kurdi agreed to hold an event on safety and occupational health entitled "Work stresses: the challenges" in addition to celebrating the World Environment Day. The event will be held on 4th of June 2016 in the Conferences Center at Faculty of Nursing.

The Council of Graduate Studies and Research of Alexandria University headed by Dr. Seddik Abdel Salam has recently agreed to start application for graduate studies in Alexandria University from 10 July for one month in order to insure sufficient time to finish all procedures.

Conference Proceedings of International Forum on Quality and Evaluation in Higher Education began on Monday, 9:00, May 2016, which organized by the heads of Francophone universities conference in the Middle East and the Middle East office of Alexandria university, for two days at Conference Hall, Faculty of Medicine.The conference were attended by heads and representatives of universities, vice-president of Alexandria University, professors and students of France departments at the university.


Prof. Dr. Rushdi Zahran, president of Alexandria University and head of the Francophone universities conference in the Middle East confirmed that this meeting is an opportunity to assess and find out ways to be followed for that, and to identify the themes that make us better access to mass culture to the level of required quality for the local and regional level.


Mr. Herve Sabourin, regional director for the Middle East office of the International Agency of Francophone confirmed in his speech on the importance of the forum, which discusses importance of all educational institutions, quality assurance and accreditation, assessment and stressed the need to keep pace with global development and the development of mechanisms used and to develop clear policies for evaluation.