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 The Council of Educational and Students Affairs in Alexandria University during its session on Monday , 21 December 2015, headed by Dr. Hesham Gaber reviewed the  decision of the Supreme Council for Universities for the incentives which will be awarded to talented sportive students who will join the faculties of Physical Education without the need for test of capacity in addition to a discount of 50% of the tuition fees for normal study programs or 25% of the tuition fees for new programs and 50% discount for the university cities charges. Also, these students have the priority to participate in the programs of students exchange with foreign universities.

Alexandria University Council in its session held on Tuesday, 24 November 2015 under chairmanship of the Rector Dr. Rushdi Zahran approved the university

prizes for 2015, where the prizes were awarded as following:

Dr. Taha Hussein prize was equally awarded to PROF. DR. Ismail Ibrahim Gomaa; Faculty of Commerce and Prof. Dr. Farouk Ibrahim Shehata; Faculty of Fine Arts.

The University Encouragement Award (in the medical field) to Prof. Dr. Nazek Abdul Latif; Faculty of Pharmacy and (in practical field) it was awarded to Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed, Profprof. Dr.r. Hani Al Sharif; Faculty of Science and Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ibrahim Youssef; Graduate Studies and Research Institute while the prize (in the field of theoretical and social sciences) was awarded to Prof. Dr. Mohammad Kamal Nour Eldin; Faculty of Law.

The University Award for scientific excellence (in the medical field) was awarded to Prof. Dr. Adnan Bakhit; Faculty of Pharmacy while it was (in practical field) to Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Abu Ali, Prof. Dr. Abdul Fattah Mohammad Yousef and Prof. Dr. Sherein Nabil Khattab; Faculty of Science.

The University Award for Scientific Encouragement (in the medical field) was awarded to Dr. Shirin Farouk and Dr. Ahmad Radi from the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Nuha Mohamed Adel, Dr. Rasha Abdul Aziz Shaalan, Dr. Yosra Shaaban and Dr. Marwa Adel Abdellatif from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Dr. Samir Awad El Gendy from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The prize was awarded ( in practical field) to Dr. Taghrid Zewail; Faculty of Engineering and Dr.

Rowaida Khalil Salah, Dr. Wegdan Ramadan and Dr. Amira Zaki; Faculty of science woo. And Dr. Nehal Mohammad Ali from the Graduate Studies and Research Institute while it was awarded (in the field of education) to Dr. Rania Fathi and Dr. Mohamed Gaber from the Faculty of Education and Dr. Dina Adel Hassan from the Faculty of Specific Education.


Dr. Roshdy Zahran Alexandria University President, issued a decree to appoint  Prof. Dr. Amani Abdul Hamid Mahmoud Ismail as the Deputy for the Faculty of Science for  Education and Student Affairs, Prof.  Dr. Suzan Abbas Abdul Latif as the Deputy of the Faculty of Education for Graduate Studies and Research, and Prof. Mohamed Mustafa Abu al-Yazid Abu Shawareb as the Deputy of the Faculty of Education for Community Service and Environmental Development.

As part of the continuing role of the University of Alexandria in community service, the Environment Committee at the Institute of Medical Research, headed by Prof. Dr. Amal Farhat, Deputy of Community Service and Environmental Development and the membership of the Assistant Prof. Rania El Sharkawy, Dr. Naglaa Fathy and Dr. Omneya Ahmed, organized the first intiatives of the Committee to serve  Alexandria governorate in general and the health sector in particular. On Sunday, November 29th, 2015 an opening Day for the initiative of Medical Research Institute to combat Virus C under the title "One Hand Against Virus C" was held.

The Day included definition of aims and activities of the initiative, which includes free early detection of Virus C and follow-up health education of patients as well as lectures for doctors to introduce new in the treatment of Virus C and brief information about Virus B. The Opening Day was held in the Medical Technology Center of the Medical Research Institute in Smouha. It  began with the word of the opening and welcoming of Prof. Mohamed Mokhtar, Dean of the Medical Research Institute, then an introductory lecture delivered by Dr. Naglaa Fathy, the Environment Committee member.


The opening was attended by Dr. Magdy Hegazy, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Alexandria, Prof. Dr.Mohamed Rafiq, captain Alexandria Doctors’ Captain, Dr.Emtiaz Hassouna, the member of Doctors’ Syndicate, head of "Egypt Donation" (Masr AlAta’) Committee, Dr. Mona AlAin, representative of the Alexandria Regional Centre for Women, members of the Rotary clubs and a group of doctors from Alexandria. Dr. Magdy Hegazy, Prof. Mohamed Rafiq and Dr. Emtiaz Hassouna had delivered a word about the role of different entities in the combat against Virus C and the need to unite all formal efforts and civil institutions to raise awareness and reduce the spread of the disease. It was also agreed on the integration of efforts between the Research Institute Initiative and the Anti-Virus C Committee of the Ministry of Health. The meeting was ended with a lecture on Virus C delivered by  Assistant Prof. Hanan Mustafa, the Assistant Professor of Intimal and Liver in the Institute, and then a lecture on the detection of the Virus delivered by Dr. Abeer Ghazal, the Professor of Microbiology. Finally, a brief information about Virus B was delivered by Dr. Said Ouda, the Teacher of Intimal and Liver in the Institute.

Alexandria University Council in its session held on Tuesday, 24 November 2015 under chairmanship of the Rector Dr.  Rushdi Zahran congratulated the Faculty of Engineering for achieving the first place in the International Programming Competition held in Sharm El Sheikh with the participation of 84 teams representing various Arab universities from 8 countries. The Faculty of Engineering team will participate in the International Programming Contest that will be held in Thailand as the representative of all Arab universities.