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Alexandria University Council in a meeting on Thursday August 22, 2017, headed by the President of the university Dr. Essam El-Kurdi approved the promotion and appointment of 18 of faculty members and appointment of 21 Lecturers. The council also adopted 33 PhD and 112 master degrees in various disciplines.


Within the role of Alexandria University branch in Matroh in community service, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine organized two veterinary convoys to Bagosh and Sidi Brrany on 21/8 and 27/8, and another medical convoy during the first week of next November to serve the people in Matroh and Siwa. The convoys are supported by the university, Siwa businessmen and Raml Rotary Club.


Alexandria University President Dr. Essam El-Kurdi declared that there is 350 feddan allocated for the establishment of the Faculty

of Medical and Technological Sciences in Borg Al Arab. The new faculty will produce technical alumni in all medical disciplines.

This came during the participation in the meeting of the Faculty Council of Medicine headed by the Dean Dr. Ahmed Othman.

Dr. Kurdi added that the coming period will see advances in the administrative work using automation and restructuring of some faculties using credit hours system.



Alexandria University Council for Graduate Studies and Research headed by AU vice president Dr. Hisham Gaber adopted the proposal of creating Master degree in blood bank in the Institute of Medical Researches.

The Council also adopted the proposal of creating Specialized Diploma in Applied Medical Chemistry and Professional Diploma in Biomedical Chemistry in the Institute of Medical Researches.

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Alexandria University vice president Dr. Hisham Gaber announced that the university was ranked in the position 700 among the best 1000 university in the world according to Shanghai academic ranking for 2017.

He added that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research selected Alexandria University with Ain Shams and Asiut University to work with intensively in the issue of improving the ranking of the Egyptian Universities.