General Administration for Personnel and General Cadre

Tasks & Competencies

  • Develop the work plan and distribute it among its departments and coordinate work between them to ensure the proper functioning of the work .
  • Holding periodic meetings with the heads of various departments to discuss work problems and work to solve them .
  • Proposing a plan for research and studies related to planning and workforce development and supervising its implementation in accordance with the plan set in this regard. .
  • Supervising the work of organization and management, drawing conclusions, studying reports and memoranda, proposing work plans and programs, systems and instructions necessary for their implementation.
  • Conducting studies on simplifying procedures and models used in work.
  • Setting the necessary performance rates for the various administrative organizations .
  • Preparing and following up the job ranking system based on duties and responsibilities .
  • Follow up the implementation of the laws related to the settlement of workers' pensions and bonuses.
  • Review the topics to be presented to the Standing Committee for Leadership Positions and follow up the implementation of its decisions.
  • Follow up the application of systems and rules related to personnel affairs, their desires and health, social and cultural care in accordance with the laws and rules in force.

Participate in personnel affairs committees and supervise the work of their secretariats and agendas

General Administration of Purchasing and Stores

Tasks & Competencies

  • Participate with university officials in drawing up a procurement and storage policy that ensures that the university, its faculties and various units obtain the necessary tools, tasks, equipment, devices and various supplies on an ongoing basis. .
  • Studying the markets from which the needs of the university can be obtained at the lowest prices, the finest varieties and the best conditions .
  • Follow-up the work of inventorying the needs of the public administration and the faculties of the university of tools, tasks, equipment, devices and various supplies, assembling them, preparing annual assays, developing plans and programs that lead to providing these needs in a timely manner and at the appropriate cost and quality, whether through local purchase or import, determining the needs of various items and determining the timing of their supply, on the basis of their needs at the university, its colleges and branches, and on the basis of the consumption rates of the stores in which they are located of various items. .
  • Carrying out all procurement contracting procedures through public tenders, direct procurement or purchase by practice .
  • Concluding contracts and agreements for procurement and following up on the procedures for their implementation .
  • Organization of exchange operations from warehouses .
  • Follow-up inventory operations for stored items and disposal of used items by selling them while following financial and inventory instructions .
  • Follow-up of keeping inventory books and recording them in all works related to warehouse accounts .
  • Follow up the preparation of supply orders and preliminary invoices to implement procurement procedures, whether from the local or foreign market, receive purchased or imported items, and take storage procedures .
  • Follow up the implementation and application of the Warehouses and Purchases Regulations and the Financial Regulations related to the work of stores and the guarantee of the owners of the covenant .
  • Participation in committees for deciding on local tenders and committees for imported devices and items .
  • Follow up the balances of the beneficiaries and their debts and pay their dues in conjunction with the university accounts .
  • Prepare periodic and annual reports on procurement and warehouse activity and submit them to the direct presidency to take the necessary action .

General Administration for Financial and Administrative Affairs

Tasks & Competencies

  • Preparing a system for rationalizing the work and financial and administrative procedures at the university to guide it when carrying out financial administrative guidance on all organs and units of the university that practice financial and administrative activity.
  • Preparing plans and programs for periodic surprise inspection of the work of financial and administrative affairs at the university, its colleges and branches, submitting inspection reports and proposals necessary for the development of work and tightening internal control over those activities in light of the observations resulting from inspections and submitting reports to the competent authority for approval and taking the necessary action in this regard..
  • Investigate the violations referred to it by the competent authorities of a financial and administrative nature and express an opinion on the treatment of any deficiency or deficiency that may be revealed in the practice of these works
  • Examining and responding to tenders received from financial and administrative audit institutions in light of the results of their research.
  • Proposing systems to avoid the repetition of violations resulting from the directive and taking measures to implement and follow them up.

General Administration for Budget and Accounts

Tasks & Competencies

  • Monitor the implementation of the provisions of financial affairs laws and regulations .
  • Review the expenses of the first chapter on salaries and wages, in accordance with the books corresponding to the entitlements and in the light of the monthly accident disclosure issued by it, explaining all its money that affects the entitlements of individuals .
  • Reviewing pensions, subsidies and the like, as well as all types of bonuses and keeping the relevant records in accordance with what is recorded in the books of the competent agencies, with their amendment in the light of the orders issued in this regard. .
  • Taking the procedures for opening credits for the entitlements of university employees and delegates abroad (study leaves - scientific missions – secondments with salary  ... etc.) and review their documents and track the status of these credits .
  • Review all disbursement forms for general and investment expenses.
  • Review all exchange statements whose checks are drawn on the representatives of exchange or distribution after the completion of the disbursement distribution to ensure that each beneficiary receives his dues or supplies its value to the treasury, as well as completing the powers of attorney and ensuring that the disbursement has been made by the competent representative .
  • Carry out investigation, search and claim procedures for the settlement of each amount requested by the devices and deduct a value on each counting account or related to the trust account or other intermediate accounts .
  • Representing the accounts in the tender envelope committees and handing over the insurances in which they are submitted .
  • Revenue Collection Control Review receipts vouchers, monitor the payment of cash account balances, make their adjustments, and review receipts books after completion and mark them thereon .
  • Reviewing bank statements and current accounts and making the necessary settlements .
  • Making adjustments related to the deduction of expenses under settlement or addition to trusts less final expenses and other requirements for the nature of the implementation of these financial rules and regulations in force .
  • Follow-up bookkeeping of the claims of the railway and the General Authority for Post and take disbursement and settlement procedures for them .
  • Follow-up of keeping exchange journals and extracting the daily account, as well as all other books of account entry, whether total, detailed or illustrative .
  • Follow-up of claims and entitlements and recording settlements after reviewing and approving them by the competent authorities, writing checks and making notifications about them from the bank and the payable .
  • Follow up the preparation of responses to the contradictions of the Central Auditing Organization and various inspection reports .
  • Follow-up of keeping the record of counting checks and the record of counting and paying remittances and knowing the rest without payment .
  • Extracting the remaining intermediate accounts monthly (the rest without settlement, payment or disbursement) and notifying the competent authorities to investigate them on their settlement and monitoring the non-fall of the obligation arising from the guarantees and guarantees and marking before disbursement on all settlement exchange forms to the effect of allowing the relevant item or addition in the intermediate fasteners .
  • Reviewing the work of extracting the monthly and quarterly account, interviewing the monthly statements and settlements, and informing it to the competent authorities .
  • Follow up the preparation of the final account .
  • Review the files after preparing them and sending them to the Central Auditing Organization.
  • Follow up the preservation of accounting documents and make their files from the reality of those documents after reviewing each exchange or settlement document and marking them to the effect of that, then matching those files with the books of the write-off and exchange department
  • Assume all responsibility for the previous work in relation to the appropriations and funds that are placed at the disposal of the university such as youth welfare funds and colleges.
  • Follow-up registration in the records of job inventory and commitments to the items of special appropriations for Chapters II and II.
  • Follow-up of receiving monthly data from the faculties, institutes and branches of the university and the status of connection and disbursement from them and recording them in the necessary accounting books.
  • Presentation of requests for overruns and additional credits in light of the financial position.
  • Taking the necessary legal measures towards providing the Ministry of Finance and the University Council on the establishment, deletion or transfer of financial degrees.
  • Follow up the implementation of the university's budget in accordance with the instructions in terms of uses and resources.

General Administration for Engineering Affairs

Tasks & Competencies

  • Follow-up the technical aspects of the university's devices and equipment
  • Participate in the preparation of engineering drawings for university buildings.
  • Follow-up work related to construction, renovations and maintenance of university buildings
  • Participation in the supply committees for equipment and devices.
  • Supervising the maintenance of buildings and gardens.
  • Follow-up the preparation of a study on the needs of the University Land and buildings to meet the various expansions.


General Administration of Special Funds

 Tasks & Competencies

  • Contribute to the development of public policies related to the various areas of work on which supervision and guidance are exercised.
  • Representing the university in various meetings, committees and conferences related to the field of work.
  • Follow up the implementation of the executive programs related to those policies.
  • Develop and distribute the work plan among the subordinate departments and coordinate the work between them to ensure the proper functioning of the work.
  • Exercise of financial and administrative authorities within the limits of the mandates granted.
  • Holding periodic meetings with heads of various departments to discuss work problems and work to solve them.
  • Applying the laws, regulations and instructions that govern the work of its departments.
  • Collecting funds that do not enter the university budget, such as fees, donations, excursions and other funds that enter the university budget and that belong to units of a special nature.
  • Carrying out disbursement information from the proceeds of the amounts allocated to the concluded agreements.
  • Prepare the draft budget of special accounts and take procedures to present it to the competent authorities for approval, inform the concerned authority, and supervise the implementation of private contracts financially in accordance with laws and regulations.
  • Follow up the procedures for depositing the proceeds of special accounts in the bank chosen by the university
  • Review the records necessary to prove all deposit and exchange operations in accordance with the system and the rules established from the documents indicating those operations.
  • Review the writing and registration of cheques, notify the bank and the beneficiaries, and take all related procedures.
  • Taking into account the application of the university's financial regulations regarding the system of special accounts and the rules of disbursement of its proceeds.
  • Reviewing revenues and matching them to collection lists and university books of accounts.
  • Expressing an opinion on memoranda and various topics related to the work of private accounts.
  • Expressing an opinion on the reports prepared by the units of a special nature on their work and presented to specialists for approval of their budget.
  • Participate in the adoption of the estimated and actual budget for each of the units of a special nature of the university and present it to the Council of Special Units.
  • Participation in the membership of the Board of Directors of units of a special nature of college’s institutes and branches.

Signing correspondence issued within the limits of the authorized authorities.