University Secretary Sector / Awards

Firstly: The ideal employee

This category is allocated to all employees of government, included ministries, governorates, and universities for administrative, financial and consultancy positions of all kinds and the diversity of their titles, as well as the scientific research and studies centers officers and front-office specialists in Citizen Service Centers.

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Secondly, Government Excellence Award

In light of the sustainable development plan "Egypt Vision 2030", which seeks to form an efficient and effective government administrative body applies the concepts of governance that contributes in the development Egyptian government performance to the increase in citizen satisfaction.

In light of achieving in the role of the Egyptian government in for the administrative reform goals, the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development has been keen to make an awareness leap in the institutional performance through the " Egypt Government Excellence Award" in order to cope with the developments and human capacities improvement through national award for government excellence encourage the spirit of effective competition and consolidating the principles and values of excellence in all sectors of the state which our country gains in terms of progress, development, prosperity and sustaining institutional competitiveness.

Government Excellence Award, second session 2020


Leaderships Excellence Award - General Manager category

Third place: Dr. Nadira Sobhy Mohamed - Director General of Information, Documentation & Decision Support Center