Faculty of Science1942

Main Offered Degree: General degrees of Bachelor of Science in more than 55 fields. Special degree of Bachelor of Science in 14 fields. Post graduate diploma in 25 fields. Master of Science in 33 fields. Doctor of Philosophy in 33 fields. In addition to the Doctor of Science degree D.Sc.

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Faculty of Agriculture1942

The Faculty of Agriculture was established in 1942 and had its beginning with eight academic departments. Over the years, these academic specialization departments were promoted to cover twenty major agricultural fields, besides the General Plant Production. In addition to the central laboratories and research facilities organized within the faculty of Agriculture, there is an Agricultural Experimental Station ( 550 feddans) located 11 km east from the faculty campus (Abbes).The Experimental Station serves undergraduate students for practical training and graduate students to conduct their researches. In 1986, additional Experimental Station ( El-Hamam Farm 250 feddans) was established at the northern Mediterranean cost ( about 90 km West to Alexandria). El-Hamam Experimental Station represents agricultural production under stressed conditions

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Faculty of Agriculture (Saba Basha)1959

Bachelor's degree in agricultural science in one of the 7 previous divisions. Master of Philosophy in Agricultural Sciences.The degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Sciences. Postgraduate diploma in agricultural science. Faculty grants master's degrees and doctoral degrees in 18 programs for graduate studies, as it is considers scientific school in graduate studies for many of the Arab world and the Egyptians. Faculty grants postgraduate diploma in agricultural science in 19 diplomas specified in the regulations

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Faculty of Engineering1942

Gas and Petrochemical, Electromechanical, Computer and Communication – and Architecture &Construction Engineering.

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Faculty of Computing & Data Science2019

Faculty of Computing and Data Science was established according to the President's decision No. (2133) for the year 2018. Based on the approval of the University Council at its meeting held on 31/3/2019 on the establishment of the Faculty of Computing and Data Sciences, and the approval of the Supreme Council of Universities at its meeting held on 23/4/2019 on the establishment of the Faculty of Computing and Data Sciences at Alexandria University, and on the Prime Minister's decision No. 1814 of the year 2019 added the Faculty of Computing and Data Science to faculties of Alexandria University and the approval of the Supreme Council of Universities in its session held on 24/8/2019 to start the study at the faculty.

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Institute of Graduate Studies & Research1972

The University of Alexandria established the Center for Graduate Studies and Research in 1972 in conjunction with the UNESCO and UNDP, the United Nations aimed at strengthening the Graduate School of the country and encourage researchers from different disciplines and backgrounds to interact and fusion with each other to develop their research and ideas which reflect the scientific progress. It was felt as a result of extensive studies - the need to develop areas for interdisciplinary graduate studies - according to scientific standards accepted internationally in the field of higher studies and research.

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