Through the vision and mission of Alexandria University, the postgraduate studies and research sector works to provide a high educational environment that focuses on posgraduate students to be able to contribute to the economic, social and cultural life of universities and local communities. And they have the ability to contribute to a wide range, commitment and communication to develop the personal and professional side in addition to the work of high-quality research of importance at the regional and professional levels to be distinguished locally and internationally. The Postgraduate Studies Department is responsible for all matters of postgraduate students (diploma - masters - doctorate) from the beginning of registration till awarding the academic degree, as well as following up and implementing the process of awarding university scientific awards from inside or outside the university.

 The Postgraduate Studies Administration supervises 3 departments:

1- Postgraduate Admissions (MSc & PhD)

2- Diploma Admissions

3- Postgraduate Department (Academic Documentation)

General rules for postgraduate studies by the credit hour system