Student should complete documents and forms required by graduate studies management:
A. High school certificate.
B. Bachelor or licentiate degree or equivalent.
C. School record for the college years.
D. Master's degree or equivalent.
E. Study statement about master's level.
F. birth certificate.
G. National ID photo copy.
H. Military status.
I. 6 personal photos.
J. Admission for study application.
K.  Student data form (1س).
L. Student's enrollment form (Form No. 2 Graduate).
M. A declaration that the student has not been enrolled or eliminated or admitted to any university degree before.
  N.      A declaration of language level and International Computer Driving License (ICDL).
Foreign language level Determination:
  University Council decided in its meeting held on 30/11/2008 to approve the determination of foreign language level as a condition to obtain a master's degree before thesis discussion and according to the required levels of foreign language described later:
·  English: International TOEFL score of 450 or IELTS of 5 degrees.    
·   French: 9 levels (400) hour intensive course at the French Cultural Center.
·   German: 800 hours.
·   Italian: 300 hours of study at the Italian Cultural Centre.
·   Russian language: 6 months (288 hours of study at the Russian Cultural Center).
·   Spanish Language:   DELE   Certificate.
·   Turkish language:   72 hours of study at Mohammed Rashad Center for Turkish language courses and to complete the course with a grade Good.
    -           The student who obtained master's degree without applying to the previously mentioned levels is requested for it before discussion for PhD degree.
  -           The student has to obtain International Computer Driving License ICDL Before the discussion to get a master's degree or doctorate.
-           This is applied on students who register for the master's and doctoral degrees starting from the spring of 2009.
  -           For foreign students, the decision of the University Council in its meeting held on 22/10/2002 is applied.
Foreign language certificate should be admitted once for all scientific degrees as described above.