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In commemoration of the June 30 Revolution, the Department of Military Education and the General Administration of Youth Welfare - Alexandria University, organized a series of student visits to a group of military institutions during the month of June, with the aim of enhancing understanding and introducing Egypt’s military history and its role in shaping the country’s future.
The tour included a visit to the Military Medical Complex in Maadi, the Military Museum in Cairo, and the Janaklis Air Base.
During the visit, the students learned about the role of the Military Medical Complex in Maadi in providing health care to soldiers and their families, in addition to the medical services it provides to civilians. The complex provided the students with an overview of the medical facilities and services available to the armed forces, and they visited a number of those injured in military operations, and the students saw a large collection of artifacts. And military documents and memorabilia in the Military Museum, which shed light on Egypt’s rich military history and its contributions to regional and global peacekeeping efforts. The students also learned about the role of the Ginacles Air Base in Alexandria, and the daily operations of the Egyptian Air Force. The students took a comprehensive tour inside the base, including its aircraft and radar systems. And command centers.
These visits provided the opportunity for students to communicate with members of the army, learn about the country’s military heritage, and the daily life of soldiers. The visits were welcomed and appreciated by the students, who praised the university’s efforts in promoting patriotism and pride in it.