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Dr. Abdel Mohsen, current Vice President of Alexandria University, reviews the results of the University’s visits to Dr. Abdel Aziz Qansouh, President of the University of Alexandria University’s branch in Chad, through the Education and Student Affairs Council held on Monday, June 24, 2024. Unfortunately, given the new buildings in the Faculties of Agriculture and Medicine, Veterinarian branch, and 16 students from the Arabic Language Division, 23 students from the French Language Division at the College of Agriculture, 11 students from the Arabic Language Division, and eight students from the French Language Division at the College of Veterinary Medicine graduated this academic year.
Pointing to the strategic importance of the branch for Alexandria University and the Egyptian state to open new horizons with pioneering educational programs that serve Central and West Africa, praising the efforts made by the faculty members to provide distinguished educational services and contribute to graduating a generation capable of carrying out community service and competing in local, regional and international labor markets.
The representative stressed the necessity of continuing to support the “Mawaddah Program” for those about to get married, within the framework of the state’s interest in preserving the Egyptian family and the keenness of the Supreme Council for Educational and Student Affairs for the effective participation of universities in supporting this program and raising youth awareness in light of the rapid changes taking place in Egyptian society.
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Dr. Ali Abdel Mohsen also pointed out the necessity of supporting employment centers at the university and linking them to the labor market through (the university’s Career Development Center), with the necessity of activating the electronic email for all students and activating the Unique ID, which includes tracking students during the educational stages and after graduation, in preparation for linking to the platform. Central Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research National Dashboard
Dr. Ali Abdel Mohsen thanked the deans of the colleges for the regularity of the work of the examination and control committees and the completion of the work of correction, monitoring and review, in preparation for announcing the examination results to students as soon as possible.
 The representative stressed to the deputies of the colleges the necessity of encouraging faculty members and students to attend the university’s celebration of the June 30 anniversary, entitled (Unity of the Nation and Building the New Republic), which is held under the patronage of Dr. Abdul Aziz Qanswa, President of the University, and Dr. Diaa Rashwan, Head of the State Information Service, on Wednesday, June 26, in the Hall of conferences, Faculty of Nursing, Smouha.
 Dr. Ali Abdel Mohsen congratulated Dr. Hanan Mohamed Morsi Al-Juwaili, on the occasion of the issuance of the republican decision appointing her as Dean of the College of Pharmacy, wishing her success.

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