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Within the framework of Alexandria University’s keenness to encourage students to engage in student activities, and under the auspices of Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of the University, and Dr. Ali Abdelmohsen, Vice President of the University for Education and Student Affairs, the results of the Choir Festival Competition in Group and Solo Singing for University Faculties, were announced. The competition that was organized by the Department of Artistic and Cultural Activity at the General Administration of Youth Welfare for students of various faculties, aimed at discovering their talents and providing them with the opportunity to practice activities within the university. Each faculty presented a show that included individual and group singing and a duet.
The jury, which included Professor Dr. Mahmoud Bayoumi, former Dean of the Conservatory Institute, Professor Dr. Baheya El-Ekhriti, former Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education, and Dr. Sherihan El-Heddini, Lecturer of Western Solfege and coach of the university’s choir team, revealed the result of the competition, where the Faculty of Education came in first place for the fifth year in a row, the Faculty of business came in second place, the Faculty of Physical Education for Boys and the Faculty of Physical Education for Girls came in third place, and the Faculty of Arts came in fourth place, while the Faculty of Economic Studies and Political Science was ranked fifth.
Students from different faculties also achieved different positions in solo singing and duet in the festival, which took place under the supervision of Mr. Shihab Mahrous, Acting Director General of the General Administration for Youth Welfare, and Ms. Noha Nadi, Director of the Department of Cultural and Artistic Activity.
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