The Webometrics ranking of universities announced the release of the January 2024 edition of the general classification, where Alexandria University ranked first among Egyptian universities and ranked (492) globally in the classification, which includes 32 thousand educational institutions from all over the world.
Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, indicated that these results reflect the university’s efforts towards encouraging faculty members and researchers to international scientific publishing, providing technical support to faculties, providing a digital library to enhance the development of knowledge and skills among researchers at Alexandria University, and providing sources of access to academic research and information resources, which contributes to its advancement in international ranking.
It is worth noting that the Webometrics ranking is an initiative of the Cybermetrics Lab Foundation, which is affiliated with (CSIC) and is considered one of the most important research bodies in Spain. The classification is the largest in terms of the number of higher education institutions that are analysed in preparation for participation. The methodology in the general Webometrics ranking is based on a 50% awarded to the sum of shared general knowledge, as well as the influence of the contents of the university’s website, 10% the number of highly cited researchers in the Google Scholar database, and 40% the number of papers included in the top 10% cited in the Semago database during the five years prior to the year preceding the year of enumeration.
As pf the year 2024, the Webometrics general ranking will be issued twice a year, at the end of January and July of each year, as an incentive for educational institutions to have a greater presence on the internet, display their activities accurately, and to pay attention to web policy, open access and transparency.