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Under the auspices of Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, Dr. Hisham Saeed, Acting Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, inaugurated the annual training workshop on using the Egyptian Knowledge Bank in Egyptian universities for faculty members, researchers, digital library specialists, and students. It continues for two days at the Faculty of Education, Alexandria University.
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The opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Mohamed Anwar Farrag, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Dr. El-Sayeda Mahmoud Ibrahim, Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Alaa Gaafar, Director of the Digital Library Unit at Alexandria University, Dr. Walid Ali, representative of the Egyptian Knowledge Bank, and Dr. Mahmoud Shawky, representative of the Supreme Council of Universities, as well as several researchers at Alexandria.
In his speech, Dr. Hisham Saeed stressed that the Egyptian Knowledge Bank is a real breakthrough and shift in the ease of obtaining information in various fields of science. He added that it is also a very fertile environment of educational resources available all the time via the Internet for free to Egyptians, stressing that the bank provides educational clips and films. There are many different sources for collecting scientific material from articles published internationally and locally, which were not easy to obtain before and cost the researcher a lot of time and money. Saeed pointed out that the Knowledge Bank includes the best publishers in the world who participated in providing many educational films, scientific articles and audio files.
It has a very rich library that includes valuable educational materials estimated at millions, and the list of publishers includes prominent international entities such as Elsevier, Springer, Taylor and Francis, Oxford University Press, Willy, adding that the bank has already succeeded in reaching all sectors of Egyptian society, as more than 900 training sessions were held in schools, as well as more than 120 other sessions that were held in universities, in addition to allocating more than 150 specialists from the Ministry of Education and its affiliated bodies to bring the Egyptian Knowledge Bank to the highest levels of success. He pointed out that the Egyptian Knowledge Bank platform has achieved more than 70 million searches and 40 million file downloads and 250 registrations for Egyptian Knowledge Bank user accounts, adding that the user base has expanded to include students and children interested in reading and learning.
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While Dr. Mohamed Anwar stressed that the Egyptian Knowledge Bank is a qualitative leap in achieving the ambitions of researchers and graduate students, especially since it provides the largest sources of knowledge on the Internet, giving students and researchers the opportunity to obtain free resources for education and scientific research throughout the world. Dr. Anwar stressed that the density of attendance reflects the interest of researchers at Alexandria University in learning about everything new in scientific research. He pointed out that scientific research is a national security issue, because scientific research will be useful in confronting the fourth generation wars facing young people in that period.
Dr. El-Sayeda Ibrahim indicated that the training comes within the framework of the Egyptian state’s directions to support scientific research, digital transformation, and the use of information technology in the educational process, and to meet the training needs of the target groups in maximizing the benefit of the most important local, regional, and global databases through a detailed explanation provided by an elite group of specialists in technical training to help researchers gain the greatest amount of research knowledge in all scientific disciplines.
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Dr. Alaa Jaafar indicated that the training will include how to create an account on the Egyptian Knowledge Bank, instructions on the procedures for applying for impact factor reports, citation checking, how to use the Knowledge Bank and its academic search engine, a detailed explanation of the importance of databases through the bank, as well as an explanation of the research tools and software available from Through the Egyptian Knowledge Bank platform.
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