Since the establishment of Alexandria University Faculty Members Club in the fifties of the last century seeks to achieve communication between faculty members in the university, and discuss community issues of common interest by holding regular meetings and hosting prominent figures in the community, along with building a database to facilitate communication between the members and the club management.

The club march began by Dr. Thabet Al-Fandy, professor of philosophy at the Faculty of Arts, as an affiliated association to the Ministry of Social Affairs, and was selected Dr. Ahmed El-Sayed Darwish, a professor at the Faculty of Medicine as the first Chairman of the Board of Directors of the club.

The history of the club saw a number of memorable situations, including its response to the Plateau pyramids project, prompting the late President Anwar Sadat to cancel it, in addition to the rejection of the Camp David treaty in 1979, and was organized the first strike action in protest at poor salaries of university professors in 1984.

The club activities are based on a number of different committees, including Communications Committee, Restaurant Commission, Sports Committee, Health Committee, Social Commission, affairs of internal and external relationships, Constitutional and Law Reform Commission, the Commission of club installations, Commission for complaints and suggestions, and finally the Committee on the law regulating universities.


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