Faculty library provides many books, encyclopedias, legal references, periodicals and Theses (MA and PhD) in various branches of law where has a huge collection of numbers of the Official Gazette and judicial rulings of the Supreme Constitutional Court, where the library holdings include Egyptian and Arabic versions in addition to French, English and Italian references.

Faculty library offers its services to students of scientific research, faculty members and graduate students at the faculty (Diploma - Master - PhD) and first-grade students; also provides services to faculty members from outside the faculty, researchers from other universities; therefore the library seeks constantly to enrich their holdings with the latest versions of the literature either interchangeably or by gifting.

And this in accordance with specific system to take advantage of all periodicals, theses and authorized external borrowing for faculty members and professors at the faculty, with regard to graduate students and researchers from outside the faculty allow for them internal borrowing and photographing.

The library contributes in providing services to the reluctant and researchers through the local database for their own service of scientific research via "Future Library System" through which can learn about library holdings electronically with the help of a group of specialist libraries to facilitate the researchers access, where the library is continuously seeking to combine the best trained staff as specialists seek constantly to hone their research skills.

06 Dec 2015 12:37

The Branch of Alexandria University at the Chadian capital, in "Anjamena" is considers the first Egyptian university [ ... ]

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06 Dec 2015 12:41

Alexandria University Branch in "Tong" city and Warrap state in southern Sudan and the [ ... ]

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Alexandria University, Matrouh Branch was established in the framework of the fruitful cooperation between [ ... ]

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06 Dec 2015 12:51

Alexandria University sent recently a delegation to Iraq includes all of Prof.Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Abu [ ... ]

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Faculty of Arts was established in 1939, to be the oldest and most prestigious faculties in Egypt since [ ... ]

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Faculty of Law was established in 1938 and was a beacon of legal education in the region. Their Graduates [ ... ]

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