Faculty libraries consist of:
Firstly: Main Library (Moharram Bek)

Consists of two floors - the first floor has several halls:
A. Students Hall: has open shelves, which contain:

- Books of Biochemistry Department and contains 3381 books.
- Books of Zoology Department and contains 1909 books.
- Books of Biotechnology Department and contains 3483 books.
- Books of Botany Department and contains 2567 books.
- Books of Geology Department and contains 2579 books.
- Theses Hall and contains 4598 theses.
B. Upper floor halls at the Main Library:

It is divided into two parts; one for periodicals & research, and the other has departments of Mathematics and Computer Science, which contains 2379 books
- Physics Department which contains 4727 books
Secondly: Horreya Road Library

Contains books and periodicals of Chemistry Department and contains 4058 books.
Thirdly: Preparatory library

Contains books belonging to different departments needed by preparatory students as well as books of computer department, and contains 2160 books.
Fourthly: Anfoushi Library

- Contains books and periodicals related to Oceanography Department and contains 1338 books.
- All books of the four libraries were introduced on digital library system.
- The library offers all services for students and faculty members on the digital library system.
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Faculties & centers
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Faculties & centers
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