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Alexandria University is keen to communicate with their graduates by organizing regular meetings with them to transfer their expertise to students and to link the graduate with university, also Alexandria University provided through its long march many of outstanding figures in the fields of politics, economy, culture, art, sports and all scientific and social activities, as the university is seeking to organize a conference featuring outstanding graduates from workers in international institutions and owners of prestigious positions to strengthen relations between the university graduates in different parts of the world.

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06 Dec 2015 12:37

The Branch of Alexandria University at the Chadian capital, in "Anjamena" is considers the first Egyptian university [ ... ]

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06 Dec 2015 12:41

Alexandria University Branch in "Tong" city and Warrap state in southern Sudan and the [ ... ]

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06 Dec 2015 12:45

Alexandria University, Matrouh Branch was established in the framework of the fruitful cooperation between [ ... ]

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06 Dec 2015 12:51

Alexandria University sent recently a delegation to Iraq includes all of Prof.Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Abu [ ... ]

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26 Dec 2015 10:42

Faculty of Arts was established in 1939, to be the oldest and most prestigious faculties in Egypt since [ ... ]

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26 Dec 2015 10:55

Faculty of Law was established in 1938 and was a beacon of legal education in the region. Their Graduates [ ... ]

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