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In the interest of Alexandria University to continue providing its educational services to the Alexandria educational community, and with the approval of the University Council headed by Dr. Abdelaziz Konswa, President of Alexandria University, a cooperation protocol was signed between the Faculty of Education, represented by Dr. Mohamed Anwar Farag, Dean of the Faculty of Education, and the Bashayer Al-Khair City Foundation, represented by Dr. Fatima Mohab Mameesh, President of the Board of Trustees, to provide educational services to the institution, with the participation of faculty professors.
The signing ceremony of the partnership protocol was attended by Dr. Ibrahim Azazi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dean of Ahad Sherif Muhammad Abdel-Bari, Professor Muhammad Al-Sadiq, the technical supervisor of the institution, and Dr. Marwa Al-Adawi, Director of the Educational Services Center at the faculty.