Date of issuance (inception): - 1953

Mission: Alexandria Journal of Agricultural Research is a scientific journal issued by the Faculty of Agriculture - Alexandria University.

Activity: - Research on agricultural science and related topics.

Objectives: - Publishing research of faculty members inside and outside the faculty.

The magazine is subject to the supervision of the President and the editorial board of the magazine, which consisting of 22 members as well as publishes of summaries Masters and PhDs and graduate students.

Terms: - Researcher must submit research of three copies written on the computer and is required to be unpublished research in any other journal.

Jury: - Includes at least two arbitrators.

The costs of arbitration: - Researcher pays 100 Egyptian pounds for Egyptians and $ 100 dollars to non-Egyptians.

Publishing Rules: - In case of accepting the research; researchers must make the required modifications of the arbitrators then displays research on the technical user of the department, to give him the consent to the deployment of research.


Issues: - Journal is issued every 4 months (from April to August - December), and includes about 25 researches according to the decision of the editorial board of the journal.

Correspondences: - correspondence is sent on behalf of the editor of Alexandria Journal of Agricultural Research - Faculty of Agriculture - Shatby – Alexandria University.