The Central Administration for Foreign Students Affairs is one of the central administrations, affiliated to the Cultural Affairs and Missions Sector. It is concerned with setting policies for admitting foreign students into universities and institutes and following their execution in light of the general state policy. The administration is also concerned with making the necessary contacts with Egyptian embassies abroad, the concerned embassies in Egypt as well as the Foreign Ministry about foreign students’ affairs.

Emphasizing the pioneer role of Egypt in the region and to implicate the believe in the importance of exchanging cultures and of creating communication bridges among such different cultures, The Ministry of Higher Education established a body responsible for foreign students who study in Egypt. This body is concerned with offering foreign students educational, social, cultural and recreational care. This body is represented by:

-         The General Administration for Admission and Scholarships of Foreign Students.

-         The General Administration for Student Activities.

These two administrations are affiliated to the Central Administration for Foreign Students Affairs.

The General Administration for Admission and Scholarships of Foreign Students are entrusted with admitting students into different state universities; as well as into higher or intermediate institutes either to attain a first university degree or higher degree. It is also concerned with admitting foreign students into the Educational Center for Arabic Language, ( an affiliate of the administration), as well as placing them in different faculties either to be auditing students or to collect academic material.

The administration, further, enrolls foreign students nominated for scholarships by their governments in light of the executive program between Egypt and the foreign country or in light of the grants offered by the Foreign Ministry sub-committee. Offering facilities to foreign students to easily pursue their education in Egypt is also entrusted upon the administration. Facilitation includes offering monthly payment according to the value of the grant mentioned in the executive program with individual foreign countries.

The General Administration for Students Affairs is assigned to offer foreign students an annually integrated working plan of social, cultural and recreational care. This plan enables foreign students to practice all types of activities through three clubs allocated to them. Due to the administration realization that these students can be the best ambassadors to Egypt on their return to their homeland, the administration continuously offers services to foreign students. The administration also attempts to resolve problems faced by the students during their period of study or research in Egypt.