Dear Colleagues / Faculty members at Alexandria University

Continuation of what we started of effort in support of faculty members in all categories through contracts with health service providers in Alexandria to offer a special discount for faculty members..... Health Committee in Faculty Members Club is pleased to announce the new signings as follows.

 Firstly: private clinics

1- Ayman Baais, Professor of thoracic and cardiovascular diseases -Panorama Al-Shareq Building - Marshal Ahmed Ismail St., Sidi Gaber El Sheikh 5,444,005.

2- Ghada Dereny, Professor of Pediatrics - 15 Mohamed Bassiouni St. - Marshal Ahmed Ismail - Sidi Gaber El Sheikh 5,468,277.

Secondly: Private Hospitals

1- Ibrahim Ebeid - 76 Abdel Salam Aref St. - Gilliam 5,825,026

2- Middle East - 25 Fawzi Moaaz St. - Smouha 429952

3- El-Shefaa Palace - Matrouh 2208003.

4- Alexandria Medical Center – 14 May St. - Smouha 4272659.

Thirdly: RadiologyCenters

1- Al-Haya Scan Center - 236 Port Said St. - Sporting 5413700

Fourthly: laboratory

1- Hassab Centers - 21 Amin Fekry St. - Raml Station (9 branches in Alexandria).

Details of discounts provided as follows

Ibrahim Obaid Hospital

15 % discount on medical examination and outpatient services except dental and endoscopy and dialysis.

15 % discount on radiology except CT scan.

15 % discount on analysis except PCR.

15 % discount on Accommodations except intensive care.

Alexandria Hospital Medical Center

10 % discount on all medical services and accommodation except for medicines and supplies of blood and blood products and services of package deal.

Middle East Hospital

15 % discount on the total bill for treatment with the exception of medicines and medical supplies, the overall cases and doctors' fees.


15 % discount on all medical services except for medicines and medical supplies and cardiac catheterization, brain and arteries.


15 % discount on all types of radiology.

Hassab Labs

15 % discount on medical tests in Hassab Labs.

And will be signed contracts with several hospitals and laboratories, radiology centers and will be announced accordingly.

With regard to the deduction for faculty member (includes teaching assistants, teachers, assistant professor, Emeritus professor and non-emeritus professor) must proves his job (National ID Card), as well as proof of kinship (ID card- Certificate Birth).

And Health Committee submits sincere thanks and appreciation to those who have been contracted on the good cooperation.