Centers of Excellence at the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research 

1- Research Center to cope with climate change (sixth floor) 

- Strengthen the capacity of researchers in terms of basic research skills and technical knowledge and tools on the issues related to climate change.

- Increase the awareness of the various parties to the problems related to climate change.

- Conduct researches and the development to provide policy and decision makers in the fields related to climate change and its impacts and different ways of coping with sea-level rise and its impacts. 

2- Center of climate change and risk reduction (No. 633 Sixth Floor)

The center prepares accurate maps, whether general maps such as topographic maps or thematic maps such as land cover maps and natural hazard maps using the latest means of digital analysis of satellite visuals. 

3- Information center for computers and information technology (sixth floor) 

The center provides a variety of services such as

- ICDL courses

- Excel and Electronic Accounting

- SQL databases

- Internet skills

- V.Basic & programming

- Specialized course in quality control methods using the computer

- Statistical adjustment for quality

- Six Sigfma Course

- SPSS (Statistics Program)

Engineering drawing using Auto CAD- 

* Student receives a certificate from the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, Alexandria University.

* The center has air-conditioned rooms with the latest computers connected to the Internet and display means.

* Accredited lecturers from Egyptian universities.

* Deadline is determined by the morning or evening session so that commensurate with the circumstances and the nature of the work of scholars.