Alexandria petroleum Geology program is the first new program at the Faculty of Science - Alexandria University, and has been added the program within the Bylaws of the Faculty of Science and according to the Ministerial Decree No. 2805 dated 16/10/2007, according to the credit hours system.



Alexandria petroleum Geology program (APGP) aim to provide high level of education in the field of geology and geophysics of oil and supply of labor market with distinct graduates characterized by their ability to think and innovate and communicate with groups working in this area and in light of the urgent need for the labor market to hire graduates with a high level of skill and proficiency to meet the requirements and expectations of employers.



 Alexandria petroleum Geology program (APGP) seeks to occupy a prominent place in the academic forums through the provision of special education service in the areas of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics and it will be one of the leading and prestigious centers in this field in the Middle East.

The program will make unremitting efforts to meet the requirements of national and regional growing through preparing graduates able to continue to progress to assume prominent positions in society.


Strategic objectives


1- Teaching the necessary skills for scientific exploration and production of hydrocarbons so that graduates will be able to achieve excellence and career advancement in the petroleum industry.

2- The integration of information between the various branches of science for the solution of industrial problems intractable.

3- Preparation of experts and distinguished teaching cadres to petroleum geology program through training programs, high scientific and technical conferences and educational activities.

4- Innovation and preservation of planning programs for the following purposes:

To share and communicate information, promotion of faculty members, the preparation of distinguished scientific talents.

5- Development of general interest for oil and gas through awareness and education through targeted workshops and public awareness activities in the community and the surrounding environment.

6- The ongoing modernization of the laboratories through financial grants and modern scientific techniques.

7- Strengthening the program through the participation of students in scientific and cultural activities.

8- Increase communication with the community through the involvement of parents in decision-making.

9- Establishment of cooperation protocols between the program and the oil companies.

About the program


 This program was established for the first time in Egypt especially for Alexandria University, followed by Cairo University, and have been taken into account when establishing this program to be primary reference for programs of the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.


Alexandria petroleum Geology program seeks to be universally recognized as a leader in the field of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics and able to supply the labor market with qualified cadres necessary for this field.


The exchange and integration with the oil companies is a key part of the study plan for the program where experts from these companies participate in the teaching process especially in the practical part including curriculum to be permanent modernization and development.


The program also includes field work and practical training for students in various oil companies. And this will be achieved only through the strenuous efforts by Petroleum institutions and employers.


New programs of the Egyptian universities


The new programs of Egyptian universities are non-traditional programs aims to improve the performance of institutions of higher education through the introduction and use of new patterns in education to provide high-quality education and the use of modern methods of education based on self-education, problem solving, seminars and moving away from the traditional methods that depend on indoctrination


These programs rely on asking techniques and constituents required for success, such as:


- These programs include modern disciplines required for the labor market not only at the local level but also at international level.

- Include elite from faculty members to participate in this program based on predetermined criteria

- These programs provide financial rewards linked to performance and incentives for excellence, and address the problem of low salaries of faculty members

- These programs characterized by flexibility and the ability to take corrective decisions on all axes of performance

- These programs apply quality standards since the beginning of its establishment

- A League integrated system to monitor and evaluate the performance of these programs in order to ensure the continuous improvement of the performance


These programs have helped directly to enrich the fruitful cooperation between the university and industry, as specialized training centers able to give the scientific expertise needed for these programs to meet the requirements of the labor market.


Faculty members are selected upon specific standards, and these programs contributed to choose the best elements of teaching and also encourage others to creativity and excellence.


These programs did not discriminate between students who are unable, as the actual cost of the study does not compare with the cost of private faculties, and this is summed up as follows:


- The number of students applying to petroleum geology program this academic year 2008/2009 exceeded 150 students, all of them from the Egyptian secondary schools.

- The differentiation and discrimination between students based on the basis of the total number of high school in addition to the degree of English language (Namely, academic excellence is required and not the financial part).

- This group of students is a homogeneous sample

- These programs apply since its inception the quality performance standards in terms of these programs and the evaluation of new programs of the Ministry of Higher Education


About the evaluation and follow-up committee

- These programs assisted to increase communication between the university as an educational institution and between parents' beneficiaries of these programs where they are holding regular meetings with parents to discuss problems and display solutions for improving the performance of the educational process and communication between program management and stakeholders.


The study started in October of the academic year 2007/2008 and began to accept 70 students admitted to the Faculty of Science, the following statement shows the number of admitted students (the second level):


Equivalency secondary schools


Experimental Schools

Language School

Public Schools






















The First











The Second


Has been taken into account the statistical results for admission to the second year of the program, and has been focus on choosing the best students admitted to the Faculty of Science, after an advertising campaign for the program at the beginning of the second semester, resulting in offering large numbers of students for the program, in the end, has been closing the door after accepting 160 students, and 80 were selected according to the general grades of English language.


And the statement of the distribution of admitted students (first level) in the academic year 2008/2009 had shown in the previous table. And the program seeks to refine the talents of students enrolled in it, where includes experts from oil companies to participate in the teaching of courses and field visits to companies, as well as field visit for students, which is one of the main pillars to raise the educational level of students, also the program seeks to the academic accreditation, and so trying contact with external auditors to assist in the evaluation of the program and make the necessary recommendations to develop improvement plans required for the recognition of the global academic.