1.   Eligible student should be holding a bachelor degree from Alexandria University or a recognized university by the Supreme Council of Universities for postgraduate study programs if he/she meets the requirements for admission to each program.
2.   Completion of the special requirements of the scientific department (if any) and obtaining approval from the concerned department board and Faculty/Institute Council. 
3.   Completion of all documents and forms required by Postgraduate Studies Department.
4.   The student should choose the appropriate courses and fill in courses registration form and get approval on it from the Academic Advisor and Department Head.
5.     Registration is essential for the student to allow him/her to attend and count the courses.
6.   The student is not registered in any course before paying tuition fees in accordance with the timetable.

The student who has not register before the end of the second week from the beginning of autumn and spring semester or the first week of the summer semester is not entitled to attend lectures.