Training Centers at Alexandria University

The Alexandria University Faculty and Leadership Development Center (FLDC) is a full service hospitality venue focused on the discipline of collaborative convening. The center offers clients services that merge the theory and practice of collaborative strategies. We invite leaders to come together for meaningful interaction and dialogue, reflect upon and challenge their current ways of thinking and acting, practice convergent decision making, and collectively and individually build new capabilities.

For More Information visit the FLDC web-site.

 *- The Alexandria Centre for Maritime Archaeology And Underwater Cultural Heritage[...more]

Alexandria Center for Maritime Archaeology & Underwater Cultural Heritage was established as a European Union project under the EU-Tempus III Program. The project aimed to create a specialized center for postgraduate studies which provides education and training at different levels in aspects of maritime and underwater archaeology, and to develop a postgraduate Diploma and Master programs in Maritime Archaeology and Underwater Cultural Heritage, designed and structured in accordance with EU standards.