Preparing wall magazines in the three clubs on varied occasions. At such occasions, the activities   of  the administration and clubs are displayed for the student member of the club.

·     Students Welfare Administration, affiliated to the General Administration for Foreign Students Activities, prepared, implements and prints the Foreign Birds Magazine, which includes the work of the administration and the activities presented to students all year round. This magazine is distributed for free to the members of the clubs and the departments of the Ministry of Higher Education.

·     Providing the libraries of the three clubs with books from the Cairo International Book Fair held each year. In order to replace old administration libraries books with newer ones.

·     Organizing one-day trips to visit the landmarks of Cairo, such as (the Pyramids - Kirdasa - Sound and Light in the Pyramids Plateau - the Pharonic Villege - Saladdin Citadel - Mohamed Ali Museum - Old Egypt and the Hanging Church). This trip is organized annually over four batches (50 students) each for the student members of the clubs.

·    The Students Welfare Department contacts the Tourist Promotion Authority to get tourist bookletsand video tapes about monuments in Egypt; and display them at the three clubs in order to acquaint student members with the tourist landmarks of Egypt.

·   Organizing poetry evenings to celebrate Sinai Days at Cairo and Alexandria Clubs. The administration invites a large number of the Poets Association members and foreign students who are members of the clubs. Similar celebrations are held all year round on different occasions including (Prophet Muhammad's Birth Day - the Eve of the Hijjri Year - October Celebrations - Sinai Days).

·     The Students' Welfare Department organizes cultural contests for the three clubs in (poetry - story - literature). The participating students are awarded financial prizes specified by the department annually.

·     Weekly video shows of cultural movies and plays are held for student members of the three clubs of Emad El-Din, Manshiat al-Bakri and Alexandria.

·     Celebrating Sixth October Victory at each club and mounting an exhibition for photos and artistic posters for this great event.

·     Organizing trips to October War Panorama, in which a large number of foreign students who are members of the three clubs participate.

·     Organizing visits for student members in the three clubs to watch theatrical performances all year round.

·     Organizing trips to (the Pharaonic Village - the Egyptian Museum - the Cairo Tower - the October War Panorama - museums and mosques in the Citadel area - Rosetta City- the Wax Museum - the Japanese Garden - the Helwan Sulphuric Wells - the Small Museum at the Opera House - the Sound and Light - the Pyramids - Kirdasa - the Agricultural Museum - the Islamic Museum - the Hanging Church and the Coptic monuments in Old Egypt area - the Roman Museum in Alexandria). These trips are organized annually for the foreign students’ members of the three clubs.

·     Organizing lectures, cultural and religious symposia on national and religious occasions all year round for the student members of the three clubs. These events include (Prophet Muhammad's Birth Day - and the Eve of the Hijjri Year).

·    Organizing annual religious contests for the three clubs. Participating students are awarded religious books.

·     Organizing cultural contests in the field of story, essay and poetry for the foreign students’ members of the three clubs. These contests are held all year round.

·     Sharing with foreign students their respective national days as well as different ceremonies of  friendly nations delegates.

·    Designing wall magazines which display the different activities of diverse occasions, including (23rd July Revolution - the Eve of the Hijjri Year).

·    Providing libraries with daily newspapers and weekly magazines.

·   Preparing a bulletin reporting the General Administration for Foreign Students new as well as displaying the achievements and suggestions of the administration.

·    Supervising parties prepared by leagues from different nationalities.

·   The administration publishes cultural bulletins and tourist booklets about its trips to (Luxor and Aswan - the Red Sea - South Sinai - Fayyoum - Ras Sidr - the Egyptian Museum - the Citadel - Al-Ain Al Sokhana- Fayyed - North Sinai - Mersa Matrouh - Alexandria - Ismailia - the Media Production City- the October War Panorama).

·    Opening the libraries of the three clubs to student members in order to enable them to search for information or study. This is carried out under the supervision of librarians.

·     Practicing artistic activity according to the potentials of each club in the field of painting, poetry, as well as holding artistic contests for plastic arts between the two clubs of Emad El-Din and Manshiat Al Bakri. Winning students are given awards.

·     Holding meetings with plastic artists at the Faulty of Fine Arts and student members of the three clubs.

·     Mounting the annual exhibition for plastic arts and heritage among the leagues of foreign students and the three clubs all year round.