Resolution of the Supreme Council of Universities in its session on 01/27/2000 on controls to accept foreign students at Egyptian universities:

1- Exemption of foreign students who have obtained a high school certificate from condition of their success in the foreign language according to the state system, and if this language within the academic programs the faculty or department in which will be enrolled, thus must pass complementary exam in this course, otherwise won't grant him a bachelor's degree only after success.

2- Continued exemption of foreign students who have a high school certificate or its equivalent to perform supplementary exam in Arabic language, Religious Education and National Education if their native language is not Arabic, and they didn't study the Arabic language during getting high school certificate.

3- Foreign students will be accepted in universities in the same conditions for the admission of students who have Egyptian high school certificate and in the light of the rules governing qualified courses which accepted by every faculty, and in the case of absence high school certificate these; will be accepted students in one of the faculties and that these courses won't be one of the qualified courses for admission at the faculty.