• Announcement is published to accept new applicants for admission to postgraduate studies in the faculty (Diploma - Master of doctorate).
  • The student should withdraw a folder containing the registration documents from Graduate Studies Department of Higher in the faculty.
  • The student should provide all required documents and fill in the registration forms.
  • The student submits Admission Request on behalf of the Dean of the faculty in addition to registration folder containing required documents to the competent employee.
  • All files are sent to the competent department where the documents are revised by a competent committee.
  • The student completes the registration form with study courses under supervision of the Academic Advisor and shall be adopted by the Department Head.
  • Being reviewed, all students' files shall be sent to the Post-Graduate Studies Administration of the faculty.
  • Upon admission approval, tuition fees must be paid in accordance with the adopted regulation of post graduate studies.
  • Student's files are then signed by the Faculty Deputy for Graduate studies and Research and the Dean and sent to Vice president of the University for Graduate Studies and Research for adoption.
  • The student chooses study courses in coordination with the Academic Advisor.
  • The student must succeed in all courses with accumulative grades of (c+) at least in order to be allowed to choose a research point.
  • Research details should be agreed between the main supervisor and the student as well as the supervision committee.
  • The student starts to read the latest researches published in international periodicals related to the topic and to should prepare a public seminar to view the initial idea of the proposed research point.
  • Research protocol should be developed and adopted by the Supervision Committee to be submitted to the Department for discussion and adoption.
  • The topic to be submitted to the Committee of Graduate Studies and Research for approval.
  • The topic to be sent the university administration for adoption.
  • The supervisors write a regular assessment every six months based on the regulation of post graduate studies.
  • The student will write the thesis under supervision of the supervisors who will revise it and write a validity report to be introduced to the panel of arbitrators.
  • The supervisors nominates the Committee of Arbitration for the thesis.
  • The validity report and the proposal of the Committee of Arbitration will be introduced to the Department Board.
  • Upon the approval of the Department Board on the validity report and the formation of Arbitration Committee the Department Head shall send the thesis attached with four copies to the Graduate Studies Administration.
  • Upon the approval of Graduate Studies Administration on validity report of committee formation, the Faculty Deputy for Graduate Studies and Research shall send student papers to the university administration for adoption.
  • After the adoption of university administration, the thesis is sent to the Committee of Arbitration members.
Criteria for Admission in Graduate programs at Alexandria University
  1. Applicants for graduate study must have Bachelor degree from a university accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities.
  2. The applicant must meet the conditions of department of major (if any) and to obtain the approval of Department Board and Faculty /Institute Council.
  3. The applicant must complete all documents and forms required specified by Higher Studies Administration.
  4. The applicant chooses the appropriate curriculum and fill in the registration form that must be signed by the Academic Advisor and Department Head.
  5. Registration is essential for the student to be allowed to attend lectures.
  6. Registration is accepted upon payment of tuition on scheduled dates.
  7. The applicant must complete registration procedures by the end of the second week of spring or fall semesters and the first week of the summer semester in order to be permitted to attend lectures.
  8. The maximum credit hours for registration in spring or fall semesters is 16 in each semester and 9 hours for the summer semester excluding thesis hours.
  9. The credit hour is the standard unit to measure course volume course within the semester. One credit hour equals the following:
    • One theoretical hour per the week.
    • Two practical hours per the week.
    • Four field training hours per the week.
Graduate studies grants provided by the faculties:

The total number of grants provided by the faculties of Alexandria University is 245 a grant distributed as 6 diploma and 148 master and 91 doctorate grant.

Programs for University Graduate Studies General rules for Graduate Studies at Alexandria University