Firstly : Login on the site


From the beginning of June to the end of August each year to apply for the nomination card

Secondly : After accepting the applicant and obtaining the candidacy card from the previous site:

1 - Print the letter of candidacy through the previous website    

2 - The origin of the Egyptian secondary certificate or the equivalent "original success certificate" authenticated by the foreign country of the expatriate and then from the embassy of the country of the student in Egypt.

3 - The origin of the birth certificate or an official extract.    

4 - Number of 6 photographs.    

5-Copy of student passport .

6 - A letter from the embassy of the foreign student.

Thirdly : The foreign student shall complete the above mentioned papers and submit them manually to the General Administration of Admission and Scholarship of the International Students in Cairo (97 El Gomhouria St. Ramses) in case the student obtains the secondary school from Egypt.

The student must remain in the faculty that has been nominated for acceptance until graduation. It is not permissible to transfer from foreign universities to Egyptian universities except with the approval of the Minister of Higher Education and the State for Scientific Research.

Note : Nomination for any faculty is according to the total number of students themselves.

Warning : We warn dealing with private offices for a fee because registration is free.