Scientific Awards

Graduates of Alexandria University of scientists, thinkers and researchers have great interest in all the media and the scientific community, cultural & social. Thus the University of Alexandria is one of the most Egyptian universities that their children received on local, regional and international awards, such as the Nobel Prize and State Merit awards for scientific excellence, furthermore honored by Arab and international institutions & universities.

Nobel Prize

Ahmed Hassan Zewail                           Faculty of Science                       1999

Orders & Medals of France

Noura El Kholy                                         Faculty of Medicine                   2003

Yahia Halim Zaki                                     Faculty of Medicine                     2003

State Appreciation Award

El Sayed Helmy El Ashry                       Faculty of Science                       2014

Abdel Fattah Ibrahim Abdel Fattah       Faculty of Engineering            2000

Hisham Sadek Ali                                     Faculty of Law                         2006

Ramsis Fouad                                           Faculty of Law                           1993

Saeed El Sayed Ismael                         Faculty of Engineering                 2005

Ahmed Abdullah Hossam                   Faculty of Engineering                2007

Mohsen Moharram Zahran                       Faculty of Engineering           2010

Esmat Mohamed Hussien                       Faculty of Agriculture                2017

Morsi Abulsoud Souda                             Faculty of Agriculture               2017

State Incentive Award

Khaled Mohamed Abdel Fattah                     Faculty of medicine                   2014

Masoud Beshir Masoud                                 Faculty of Engineering               2017

Kelay Kassem                                                   Faculty of Fine Art                       2014

Gama l Yakout                                                 Faculty of Arts                             2014

Abdel-Hameed Metwally                            Faculty of Law                             1961

Hassan Hassan Kirh                                     Faculty of Law                             1961

Mohamed Hamed Dowidar                                   Faculty of Law                     1981

Adel Ahmed Hashish                                           Faculty of Law                         1982

Mohamed Atallah Barham                                     Faculty of Law                   1983

Nabil Ibrahim Saad Awad                                          Faculty of Law               1983

Mustafa Salama Hussein                                          Faculty of Law                 1987

Mohamed Siraj Abdul Hadi                                      Faculty of Law             1989  

Mohamed Okasha Abdel Aal                                    Faculty of Law           1992

Ramses Fouad Behnam                                             Faculty of Law           1993

Zeinab Hussein Awadallah                                     Faculty of Law             1993

Effat Abdel Latif Badr                                            Faculty of Agriculture       2008

Essmat Mohamed Hegazi                                   Faculty of Agriculture       2008

Saad Mohamed Abdel Sallam                           Faculty of Pharmacy                    1968

Nazek Abdel Latif El Gendy                               Faculty of Pharmacy                 1984

Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud                             Faculty of Pharmacy             1994

El Sayed Abu Zeid Mohamed                                  Faculty of Pharmacy             1997

Saeed Ahmed Khalil                                         Faculty of Pharmacy                     1987

Abdel Ghani El Saeed Mosi                                     Faculty of Pharmacy               1981

Ahmed Adel Seif                                         Faculty of Pharmacy                       1989

Azza Abdel Gader                               Faculty of Pharmacy                       2007

Laila Mahmoud Hafnawi                         Engineering                   2000

Mahmoud Gaber Zaraa                                       Engineering                             2000

Sadek Zakaria Kassab                                                   Engineering                               2001

Ibrahim Fouad Al Arabawi                                               Engineering                             2002

Hossam Hassan Shalaby                                                 Engineering                               2002

Hassan Mohamed Abdel Aal El Kamshoushy                                  Engineering                   2002

Amr Galal El Adawy                                                                   Engineering                             2006

Ebtihal Youssef Bastawisi                                                    Engineering                                 2006

Mostafa Mohamed Gabr                                                           Engineering                               2006

Hany Mohamed Ayad                                                            Engineering                                   2006

State Award for Scientific Excellence

Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud Almas                               pharmacy                               2006

Saeed Mohammed Al Nubi                                                      Engineering                             2003

Hossam Mohamed Hassan Shalaby                                       Engineering                               2007

  Samir Abdel Azim Abdel                                                     Agriculture                               2017

Taha Hussein Award

Hassan Nadir Khair Allah                                                     Engineering                                   2009

Mohamed Abdel Fattah Shama                                        Engineering                                       2010

Alexandria University Award

Ibrahim Sobhy Ali                                             Agriculture – Saba Pasha                                   1998

Atef Shafik Suleiman                                       Agriculture – Saba Pasha                                       2002

Fahallah Rehab                                         Agriculture – Saba Pasha                                               1997

Tariq Ali                                                  Agriculture – Saba Pasha                                                 2006

Hassan Saber Zewail                                     Agriculture – Saba Pasha                                       2011

Hassan Abdeen Mohamed Tawfiq                                   pharmacy                                             1968

Abdul Rahim Mohammed Ghazal                             pharmacy                                                     1984

Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim                                         pharmacy                                                           1994

Saad Mohamed Abdel Salam Khafagy                           pharmacy                                                 1997

Saleh Ali Hassan Khalil                                                   pharmacy                                                   2004

Adel Mohamed Mutawa                                           pharmacy                                                       2005

Mahmoud Abdel Hady Mohamed                               pharmacy                                                   2006

Saeed Ahmed Khalil                                                     pharmacy                                                     2007

Laila Khalil                                                                     pharmacy                                                   2008

Mohammed Abdul Tawab                                            pharmacy                                                  2009

Mohamed Farid Khalil                                                   Engineering                                               2003

Mohamed Nasr El Din Demir                                         Engineering                                             2004

Saeed Ismail Al – Khami                                                 Engineering                                               2004

Mohammed Nazih Mahmoud Aldrini                                     Engineering                                 2005

Ahmed Abdullah Hossam El Din                                             Engineering                                 2005

Kamel Abdul Azim Al – Shorbagy                                           Engineering                                 2006

Mohammed Anwar Mohammed Al – Dardairy                       Engineering                             2007

Abdul Karim Abu Hassan Mohammed                                     Engineering                               2007

Magdy Abdel Moneim El Mesairy                                           Engineering                                 2008

Amr Galal El Adawy                                                                     Engineering                                2008

Adel Lotfy Hamdeen                                                               Engineering                                     2008

Saeed Mohammed Al Nubi                                                   Engineering                                  2010

Ahmed Khairy Ibrahim                                                           Engineering                                     2012

Mina Abdel Malek                                                             Engineering                                             2012

Alexandria University Award for Encouragement

Samir Abdel Azim Abdel Galil                                             Agriculture                             2008

Sobhy Abdullah Hassan Salam                                           Agriculture                           2009

Tamer Helmy Aly Gamil                                                           Agriculture                                     2009

Mohamed Eltaher Ibrahim Badawy                                              Agriculture                           2009

Abdul Aziz Al Basiony Mohammed Wahby                               pharmacy                               1977

Saleh Ali Hassan Khalil                                                          pharmacy                                   1977

Mohamed Ahmed Fouad Gad Allah                               pharmacy                                     1980

Farid Sulaiman Jabrah Sulaiman                                       pharmacy                                   1981

Ibrahim Shaaban Ahmed                                               pharmacy                                       1981

Narges Habib                                                                 pharmacy                                           1981

Nawal Mohammed Khalaf Allah                                       pharmacy                                           1982

Nazek Abdel Latif El Gendy                                             pharmacy                                              1982

Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim                                             pharmacy                                         1983

Mohammed Abdul Tawab                                                 pharmacy                                            1984

Mohammed Gaber Ibrahim Qassem                               pharmacy                                           1984

Hassan Mostafa Salama Hassan                                     pharmacy                                            1986

Magdy Mohamed Abdel Khalek                                       pharmacy                                             1987

Ahmed Adel Saif Eddin Thabet                                         pharmacy                                             1987

Laila Khalil Ibrahim Al – Khardgi                                     pharmacy                                                 1987

Mona Mohamed Ali Bedair                                             pharmacy                                                   1988

Omaima Abu El Wafa Alam El Din                                     pharmacy                                                 1988

Hamida Mustafa                                                                   pharmacy                                               1988

Mohamed Hafez Soliman                                                   pharmacy                                               1988

Mahmoud Mohamed Mohy El Din                                             pharmacy                                       1989

Masouda El Sayed Amer                                                           pharmacy                                           1990

Mohamed El Sayed Abdel Hamid Mahmoud                         pharmacy                                           1991

Mohammed Ahmed Sayed                                                      pharmacy                                           1991

Fawzi Ismail Ali                                                                       pharmacy                                             1993

Rokaya Mohamed Abdel Hamid                                       pharmacy                                                     1993

Ismail Ibrahim Ismail                                                        pharmacy                                                   1994

Sherine Mohamed Galal El Din Fahmy                                     pharmacy                                    1994

Abdul Fattah Mustafa Kamal                                                   pharmacy                                       1996

Fathallah Mohammed Hassan                                                pharmacy                                          1996

Azza Abdel Kader Morsy                                                           pharmacy                                         1997

Mohammed Abdul Karim Alwan                                                   pharmacy                                  1999

Omaima Abdel Razek Mohamed                                                   pharmacy                                   2002

Maged Saad Abdel Kader                                                                   pharmacy                                2002

Adnan Ahmed Bakhit                                                                       pharmacy                                     2004

Manal Nabil Saeed Saudi                                                                 pharmacy                                             2005

Nagwa Salah Al - Din                                                                  pharmacy                                           2006

Hala Mustafa Abdel Ghani Hamouda                                               pharmacy                                   2006

Fahima Fahmy Ahmed Kassem                                                         pharmacy                                       2007

Heba Hassan Abdeen                                                                            pharmacy                                       2008

Tariq Said Bilal                                                               pharmacy                                                      2009

Rasha Mostafa Mohammed Yousef                                                   pharmacy                           2009

Mahmoud Ali Gabr                                                                      Engineering                                      2000

Shafiq Shawki Khoury                                                                     Engineering                                       2000

Laila Abu Hadid Abdellah                                                               Engineering                                         2001

Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Sharaki                                             Engineering                                             2002

Hossam Mohamed Abdel Salam                                                Engineering                                             2002

Yousef Tawfiq Yousef                                                                     Engineering                                     2002

Hisham Ali Saad El Din                                                                      Engineering                                   2003

Adel Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Rahman                                                   Engineering                           2003

Adel Abdel Salam Mohamed                                                                          Engineering                         2003

Ali Abdul Hakim Ali                                                                                 Engineering                                  2004

Ahmed Shawky Abdel Aziz                                                                   Engineering                                           2004

Ashraf Ragab Ali Mohammed                                                               Engineering                                     2004

Amr Ahmed Abdel Moneim                                                                             Engineering                               2004

Ashraf Ibrahim Mugahid                                                                            Engineering                                 2005

Amr Yahya Abdel Halim                                                                           Engineering                                   2005

Hisham Mohamed Tolba                                                                         Engineering                                     2005

Mohamed Mohamed Rashad El Din                                                     Engineering                                        2005

Saeed Mohamed Abdel kader                                                                         Engineering                               2006

Mohamed El Sayed Mohamed El Naggar                                     Engineering                                      2006

Mohammed Maher Ahmed Shaheen                                                 Engineering                                 2007

Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Al – Shazly                                             Engineering                                 2007

Abdul Aziz Mohammed Saad Qanswa                                           Engineering                                       2008

El Sayed Zakaria El-Ashkouki                                         Engineering                                                        2011

Afaf Khamis Ibrahim                                                                 Engineering                                     2012

Alexandria University Award for Scientific Excellence

Mostafa El - Desouky Badr                                                           Agriculture                                   2008

Emad El-Din Hussein                                                                   Agriculture                                          2008

Galal Abdel Fattah El Mallah                                                   Agriculture                                         2009

Abdullah Abdul Razek Omar                                                     pharmacy                                            2003

Saeed Mohammed Al Nubi                                                       Engineering                                       2004

Hossam Hassan Mohamed Shalaby                                             Engineering                                     2009

Mona Mahmoud Naeem                                                               Engineering                                       2011

Alexandria University Award for Scientific Encouragement

Gamal Attia Ahmed Sharaf                         Agriculture – Saba Pasha                                   1997

Ahmed El Sayed Khaled                                 Agriculture- Saba Pasha                                     2001

Gaber Ahmed Bassiouni Shehata                                Agriculture – Saba Pasha                         2002

Massoud Ali Abdu Maghrabi                                     Agriculture – Saba Pasha                             2003

Mostafa Abdel Azim Abou El Soud Amer                       Agriculture – Saba Pasha                       2004

Ashgan El sayed Abdel Magued                                     Agriculture – Saba Pasha                         2005

Ashraf Abdel Moneim Zeitoun                                             Agriculture –Saba Pasha                     2006

Iman Hussein Ayad                                                             Agriculture – Saba Pasha                               2009