Open Education system provides opportunity to achieve the aspirations of many students who wish to develop their cultural and educational level. Open learning system is based on the principle of freedom of choice and continuing education in the selection of training programs and courses at the appropriate time and place.

Conditions of registration in open Education 

- Student must have obtained high school or Al Azhar  secondary school or equivalent Arab or foreign secondary schools; as well as technical secondary schools with a condition of passing a period of  five years at least from the date of obtaining the certificate except university certificate.     

- Holders of above average qualification qualifications (Technical institutes of two years system) or higher qualification related to study, should submit a success statement in the courses previously studied and also a certificate with obtained degrees and grades as well as to perform compensation for each institute.

-  Acceptance of foreign students at open education faculties will be right after obtaining secondary school provided that the student gets at least 50% of the total scores.

Open Education in the faculty of Commerce

Open Education in the faculty of Education

Open Education in the faculty of Fine Arts