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Digital Library Project University of Alexandria, one of the development of education projects within the University, aims to automate the university libraries and business development and availability of all library holdings and services in the form of eBooks to facilitate the work and also participate in a number of global databases to provide the latest global research for other members of the Commission and teaching assistants, researchers, university .Has been added to the project of establishing a digital repository of scientific theses to the University Digital Library Project starting in September 2009 in order to preserve the wealth of the University Theses and try to maximize the benefit from and be made available at a later stage of university researchers to take advantage of them.
Contribute to the Digital Library Project is also in the standardization of the Egyptian universities to build the index includes all unified Egypt, now more than 2,974,688 are registered for download, Alexandria University, contributed to more than 456.660 registered so far, Egypt would raise the high and containing the libraries of the books of Arab heritage, books, maps and rare manuscripts.

1 - Theses of the University

Alexandria University, started in September 2009 in the creation of an archive, e-mail "university licensed from the University of Alexandria over its history. This archive is very important to save the history of scientific research of the University and its achievements and will help researchers to the university to find out by scientists from the research and scientific experiments or human studies obtained by the masters or doctorate degrees from the University of Alexandria. As well as to identify future directions for the scientific and intellectual production within the university and to facilitate access to him and helps to avoid re-examine what had been discussed previously in the research and studies at the university.

The project aims to build and equip a modern system for content management of e-messages scientific and building a common form of e-messages to the scientific, Alexandria University and to facilitate search and retrieval of researchers within the university through the provision of recordings Bpluzravep and abstracts of scientific communications at the university.


The following is a statement to prepare electronic versions of the dissertation at the University of Alexandria, which was added to the archives and e-reviewed and put it in eBook format agreed upon

Number of Emails name of the college

167 Physical Education Girls
21 Pharmacy
1 Higher Institute of Public Health
18 Rights
87 Agriculture Saba Pasha
20 Agriculture
71 medicine
128 Arts
7 of Veterinary Medicine
17 kindergartens
23 Tourism and Hotels
36 Trade

There are some obstacles in this project is:
• a large number of CD located in the libraries of the university is not content to electronic versions of the message of scientific (some of them completely free and some of the files such as songs or other things)

• The difficulty of access to these electronic versions of libraries, we hope to approve the work of copies of each CD found in the libraries of colleges and the Central Library of the University

2 - Office automation services

After the completion of indexing libraries colleges has been launched to provide library services to researchers in the form of new electronic, including:

- The existence of index-mails with every library in the Electronic Index contains all the library and are making a computer connected to the information the university at the forefront of each library is used by visitors to the library to search the library

- Allow search and seizure of books in college library through a computer connected to the Internet to call for technology or computer lab to university, or through the house through the presence of a special account for each member of the faculty or university researchers

- The availability of electronic journals through databases, which exceeded the global 20000 full-text journal available from within the university information network or through a special account in the digital library from home

- Providing Theses approved in the U.S. and Canadian universities and European full-text information through a network of university

- Implementation of the external and internal borrowing library system to maintain tight library holdings from loss, given the statistics of the clear and quick on the activity of the use of libraries at the University of Alexandria. Upon completion of the comprehensive application of the system metaphor automatic expect the absence of any loss in the acquisition of colleges and wish to cancel an item is missing from the annual inventory of the libraries