Shrines and museums

Alexandria is rich with many tourists, historical and cultural attractions that reflect the various ancient civilizations in Alexandria through the different ages and perhaps most important of these sights and museums, the following: -

Greco-Roman Museum

The Museum had been established in 1895, where inaugurated by Khedive Abbas Helmi II in order to preserve rare collections of Greek, Romanian and the pharaohs era .

the large number of archaeological discoveries require to increase the number of halls of the museum to be 25 Hall and the most important statues in the museum: al tanjar statues and APIs calf .the museum has also collection of rare gold coins and the head of Great Alexander from red granite, some bronze statues, Mummies of Pharaonic era and some pottery dating from the Ptolemaic era.

Recently the museum has some renovations and architectural develop and has also upgrading in the electricity grid as well as the development of the main entrance to the museum and park.

Alexandria National Museum

Alexandria National had been prepared at civilized and distinct level, specially the  museum presentation is wonderful as it concern a new addition in the world of museums and museum has around 1,800 artifacts, including all ages of the old state until the modern era and it is divided into three major floor :

Basement: Pharaonic section.

Ground: Greco-Roman section.

The first upper Floor : Islamic and Coptic Section as well as the modern theater and lecture hall which  built behind the museum, in addition to another room dedicated to present a range of underwater archeology, which was salvaged from Abu Qir Bay Lighthouse and Museum is a modern  lighthouse to  Alexandria.


Royal Jewelry Museum

 President of the Republic was made a decision to allocate Princess Fatima Palace to create a museum for Jewelry of Muhammad Ali‘s family as it concern as a part of our national history and put it in a high-museum frame, to let people know about this historic heritage and its historical significances as well .

Hussein Sobhi Museum for Fine Arts:

Alexandria Museum which established by Ptolemy I in280 BCand was attached to the ancient Alexandria Library concern the first comprising an organized and documented presentation for art archeology.

The museum was built on-the newest model, as it including many of the galleries, art library and cultural center for concerts and it officially opened in 1954 and the most important paintings of this museum:

Portrait of St. Catherine in 1746.

Portrait of St. Mariadl Rosario.

Antonius and Cleopatra feast portrait at Palace of the Dukes of Venice.

Silent nature portrait for Margo Fillon.

Portrait of Salvador Rosa photographer and Italian rig.

Landscape portrait for Jacob Vandridal.

The numbers of art works at Hussein Sobhi Museum about 1000 artworks from portraits, drillings and sculptures and it have a high artistic value globally.

Address: St. Moharram Bey –Mansheya .

Mahmoud Saeed Center for Museums:

This museum includes many of Holdings of Mahmoud Said, Adham Wanli, Seif Wanli and Museum of Modern Egyptian Art, this museum has opened in 2000 and concerns a new addition to Art in Alexandria, and perhaps the most important paintings in the center: maternity painting – Sultan girl.

The museum is a part of the memory of his emotional and artistic mother, and it has its many art collections.


Cavafy Museum:

The museum opening to commemorate the anniversary of the Alexandrian poet who have a Greek origin and it is the home where he lived more than 25 years in it and includes home furniture of the poet as well as his library and the most important thing written about him and been translated to twenty languages , more than three thousand books which wrote about him and works that wrote about his poetry and the home today becomes the most important tourist attractions of the city.

Papyrus Museum "Dr. Hassan Ragab":

This museum includes many models of ancient Pharaonic papyrus and models of human life for the ancient Egyptian pharaoh.

Address: 40 Abdel Kader Rajab – Rushdy Station

 Visiting Time : from 9 AM to 7:00 PM.

Open-air museum and park museum:

The Supreme Council of Antiquities take more than one surface of the site, as well as archaeological area garden to view collections of important artifacts that have been found in Com El-Daka and some archaeological sites nearby, and from the fantastic monuments:  rectangular stone coffins, two fantastic statues in the form of sphinx, and granite fountain and a large number of Greek column capitals.

Mosaic Museum:

Currently it prepared and equipped to be one of the important tourist attractions in Alexandria.

Aquarium Marine Science Museum

Fine Arts Museum: