Alexandria Library... Glorious past and a bright future when it built by Ptolemy I. Alexandria Library return to the glories memory of a glorious past, as Egypt through it coastal city have the cultural leadership. Where Alexandria with its famous library concerns the highest cultural platform of the ancient world, inside the old library there were overlapped and integrated cultural schools prevailing in this time. The ancient Alexandria Library graduated the scientists and thinkers from the top stars of the thought, science and culture for more than twenty centuries, who have enriched the heritage of science at the whole of Alexandria city. New Alexandria Library was keen to be an extension of the old library in terms of cultural value for the era that existed on it; the library department took into account to be the reflection of the multi-cultures. The library building includes reading rooms equipped to accommodate eight million books, three museums, five research institutes and development center for  conference and many of the exhibitions has also established , the  library had established also  peace area which includes 12 olive trees adorned with a statue of god of creativity for Greece and Nobel Department which gift from  Scandinavian Association , Child and child growth library, and the History of Science Museum , Manuscripts Museum and Archeological Museum , Cultural Foundation includes also  3 hotels for the coming guests from all over the world to the library . The library is now about ten billion journals and about two thousand hours from Egyptian and American television, a thousand of films; superadded with Audio Book project, which now includes a wide range of heritage books, which is very important project especially for the Blind.

The unveiling
the library readied for the official opening on 16 October, which attended by more than 200 global heads from kings, princes, great thinkers and scientists.

The secret of the old library
The revive project of the ancient Alexandria Library played by UNESCO under the request of the Egyptian government and the financial support from the United Nations’ development program its aims to revive the commemorate of the ancient Alexandria Library, but what is the story of ancient Alexandria Library, who established it, why it established, what was its fate, and how did this happen? The Ancient Alexandria Library and its  twin  who is the Academy which  known by   Mouseion which an important experiment in the history of culture in the world, its story and its fate  attracted  the thought of a lot of writers and scholars ,its story  not resolved by historians ,but  most of them agreed  about  specific interpretations for it . To introduce by the old library we have to go back in the history to the Ministers, to know well the era and the circumstances of the library establishment. The conquests of the Great Alexander in the fourth century BC in the three ancient world continents that are  Europe, Asia and Africa had a lot of  results , in addition to their direct results politically and militarily, there are others  results  with high-impact on the future of culture and human thought, such as freedom of movement and trade between the countries of the world and the placement of the remote regions which previously unknown under the study and exploration, which resulted in the widening horizons of human knowledge by  degree comparable to what happened as a result of statements geography in the fifteenth century or conquest of space in our era. Alexander was marked by its love for science and knowledge influenced by Aristotle, who was teach him, he was incubated  many scientists and writers ,and published the science in countries which comprising to his empire as it was keen to discover and study the Earth which his soldiers pass on it and between his  famous scientific trying  is  track the sources of the Nile, despite the death of Alexander who still at the age of thirty but he still has a lot of dreams and aspirations that never materialized, but that the expedition reports which he had ordered remained till now ,and attracted who have not any scientific knowledge about how is  the land ,nature and its inhabitants . Now there was a general sense of the existence of a new spirit and the rise of human knowledge and in this atmosphere was born the idea of the Library and Mouseion in the library

Alexandria …. The genius place 

Among the many cities founded by Alexander throughout his vast empire Alexandria city in Egypt proved that it is the greatest and stabile though over the time.  the plan of Alexander in the founding of the city including usually the establishment of a military garrison for  Macedonia to groups of local people are added them to  Greek community and It is clear that these elements available in the case of Alexandria, along with a group of Greeks who were settled at that time in Ngartis and Memphis the capital of Egypt until then, so Alexandria city has become the forum for a range of essential cultures and civilizations on this time , Alexandria also enjoyed by  other advantage contributed to its development and  its site as a port on the Mediterranean gave her the opportunity to open up to other worlds. 

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