Development of the student and education sector, as follow:

1. Developing the faculties and educational programs
2. Developing the Educational Development Center
3. Establishing an institutional body and system for distant learning
4. Expanding the areas for students and finding solutions for student accumulation

Developing the performance of the postgraduate studies and research sector.
1. Comprehensive development of post graduate studies system
2. Developing research performance

3.Establishing new programs and research centers and post graduate studies in pioneer fields and areas such as center for Nile basin studies , and center for developing the desert studies

Developing administrative and financial performance
1. Developing the administrative and financial organizing structure of the university and its different units.
2. Computerizing educational, administrative and financial sectors

Establishing new faculties and institutes
1. Preparing for the establishment of (national (Ahleya), non-governmental and non-profit university)
2. Faculty of computers and Information

3. Establishing the faculty of technology
4. Establishing a faculty for Health sciences.