Current ranking
World Africa Arab Egypt
Webometrics 1204  14 9 2
 THE  801+
4ICU 3023 39 9
QS 751+ 15 3
CWUR 980 10 3
URAP 762 10 3
RUR 702 4
US News  742    8 3

Alexandria University is the second modern university in Egypt after Cairo University, and the oldest historically university in Egypt where it was a part of the ancient Library of Alexandria.

Webometrics Ranking

Alexandria University is now ranked the 1130 in the world ranking,  8th at the level of the Arab world, 10th at the level of Africa, and second at the level of Egyptian universities.

Australian Ranking

Alexandria University occupies the 9th place at the level of universities in Egypt and the 3845 in the world and the 52th ranking on the level of African universities.

THE  Rankings

Alexandria University occupies the third place at the level of universities in Egypt and the 801+ in the world.

QS  Rankings

- Alexandria University occupies the 14th place at the level of Arab universities in this category.

- At the global level ranks 701+

- And the university is ranking at the level of scientific disciplines:

Engineering ---> 390

Life Science --->  451-500

CWUR Rankings

This Saudi ranking began since 2012, by the classification of the top 100 universities just as well as the classification in 2013 and then in 2014 was rated the best 1000 university.

Alexandria University occupies in this classification the 995 place, globally, the 10th place in the Arab world and the fourth place on the Egyptian level for 2016.

Alexandria University

Ranking & Review

Factor 2014 2015
Quality of Education 254 236
Alumni Employment 478 566
Qualities of a Great Teacher 210 218
Scientific Publications 963 997
Publication bias 950 908
Scientific Referencing 800 645
International influence 956 981
Patents 737 871
Ranking 44.32 44.03

Partial Ranking Queries

Factor Classification
Quality of Education 236
Quality of  Faculty 218
Alumni Employment 566
Citations of publications 645
Patents 871
Publications 997

US-News for world university rankings

This ranking began for nearly 30 years and depends mainly on the performance of universities in scientific publishing for 90 universities in 16 Arab countries.

Alexandria University occupies the 8th place at the arab world and the 3rd place at the Egyptian level for 2016.