The Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Alexandria University, received Dr. Koszynka Dominik, Vice Dean for International Relations and Projects at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, and Dr. Kristijan Buljanik, a lecturer in the same faculty, as part of an initiative to sign a cooperation agreement between the two sides.
Presented by Dr. Buljanic, during the visit a seminar for students of the special program of the faculty (Tourism, Hospitality and Heritage Management THHM) under the title: "Introduction to the European Union Single Market: The Four Freedoms"
"Introduction to the Single Market of the European Union- The Four Freedoms"
In the presence of Dr. Abeer Attia, Dean of the faculty, Dr. Hanan Al-Assar, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Samar Al-Qasrawi, Executive Director of the faculty’s Special Programs, Dr. Nermin Abdel Hamid, Coordinator of the Special Program, and a number of faculty members.