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On Saturday the 20th of May 2023, Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, inaugurated the Engineering Forum for Business and Jobs for the year 2023 in its twenty-first session, which is organized by the Faculty of Engineering with the participation of the University Centre for Professional Development in the faculty. The opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Jacqueline Azer, Deputy Governor of Alexandria, Dr. Saeed Allam, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Mr. Ahmed El-Wakil, President of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Hisham Seoudi, President of the Engineers Syndicate in Alexandria, Dr. Walid Abdelazim, Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs and Community Service, Dr. Essam Wahba, Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Wael El-Maghlani, Acting Vice-Dean for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Dina El-Gayar, Executive Director of the Project Management Unit at the University, Dr. Dina Saadallah, Director of the University Development Centre UCCD, and a group of experts, industrialists, and faculty members.
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The forum aims to provide employment and training opportunities for engineering students and graduates in various engineering disciplines. Many major engineering companies are participating in the forum, which are looking for new talents to strengthen their working force. During the forum, companies will hold a number of seminars and various workshops with the aim of increasing students' awareness of the skills required in the labor market and enabling them to face the challenges of the labour market.
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In his speech, Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa stressed that Alexandria University spares no effort in achieving the competitiveness of its students at all levels, by establishing joint degrees in cooperation with major international universities, as one of the most important strategic goals of the university. Dr. Konsowa indicated that Alexandria University would not separate from the national plan Egypt 2030, that aims to support the knowledge-based economy and link scientific research to industry in its comprehensive concept, in order to improve the competitiveness of education systems and outputs, and to support the market economy to achieve comprehensive and sustainable growth characterized by competitiveness and diversity. He also stressed that the Engineering Forum for Business and Jobs at the Faculty of Engineering is an important opportunity for its students to learn about the needs of the labour market and better guide their career paths, as well as providing opportunities for companies and agencies to learn about the quality of skills and capabilities that the university is developing among students and graduates, according to the latest international systems and in line with international quality standards.
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While Dr. Jacqueline Azer indicated the need for joint cooperation between Alexandria Governorate and Alexandria University to train students in the national projects that are being built within the lands of Alexandria governorate, as they are the builders of the future, and also to introduce students to the actual achievements that are being achieved on the ground.
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Dr. Saeed Allam explained that the forum comes from the belief of the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, in the effective role of young graduates in achieving development, and in line with the state's policies of the need to pay attention to graduates and overcome the difficulties they face in employment, giving them the opportunity to participate in building the country and community service, in light of the sustainable development plan Egypt 2030. Dr. Allam indicated that the Faculty of Engineering since its establishment has been working to improve the level of engineering education by graduating qualified and skilled engineers. It has also created communication with different sectors and companies to work together to provide research and scientific solutions to face any problems, and to facilitate graduates’ access to job opportunities in the public and private sectors. Through Project incubators, the faculty encourages its graduates to be creative, innovate and establish companies in the various fields of engineering. Dr. Allam pointed to the importance of the forum for students to learn about the available job opportunities in all engineering sectors and disciplines required in the labour market.
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Dr. Walid Abdelazim confirmed that the forum this year comes within the framework of Alexandria University's encouragement of employment and training initiatives for its students and graduates, in line with the university's plan in its constant endeavour to satisfy the educational, professional and research needs of the community. He indicated that the forum is one of the bridges of cooperation between the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University and national industry in its comprehensive concept, in a way that achieves compatibility between education and employment by identifying the challenges and requirements of the industry, and also reflects linking the outputs of the educational process to the needs of the productive and service sectors in society. He pointed out the presence of major companies and institutions within the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, stressing that the forum is an exceptional opportunity for all students and graduates of the faculty to be present among a large number of companies, that have an important and vital role in the Egyptian market.
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Dr. Hisham Seoudi stressed that the Faculty of Engineering has always been proactive in linking its educational programs to the requirements of the labour market, expressing his hope that this forum will be a good opportunity to adopt creative projects for students and graduates of the Faculty.
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