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Under the auspices of Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, the Faculty of Economic Studies and Political Science organized a symposium entitled "Developments in the Global Economic Situation: Options and Opportunities for the Arab Economy", in which Dr. Khaled Hanafi, Secretary General of the Arab Chambers of Commerce and former Minister of Supply, lectured.
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In his speech, Dr. Ahmed Wahban, Dean of the Faculty, welcomed the guest speaker, stressing the need to consider science as the only way to a promising future, and urged faculty members to constantly develop curricula to keep pace with the rapid scientific developments in the fields of economics and political science.
For his part, Dr. Khaled Hanafi expressed his pleasure for being present at this meeting, stressing his pride in being a graduate of the Department of Economics and being a student of the professors of this deep-rooted department. Dr. Hanafi reviewed the developments of the global economy and the challenges it faces, on top of which are the mutants of the emerging Corona virus, the contraction of the global real estate market, inflation, and political and commercial conflicts. He also discussed the elements of economic recovery, most notably the fourth industrial revolution and sustainable development strategies. He also pointed to the pivotal role played by the fourth industrial revolution, accompanied by the digital transformation in economic and social activities, and the opportunities and advantages it holds within, starting from vital technologies, the Internet of things and big data, all the way to cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. In this context, Dr. Hanafi stressed the need to adapt and keep abreast of these tremendous developments, and stressed the need to develop the skills of students and researchers so that they would be able to meet the changing needs of the labour market in light of previous data. He also spoke about the repercussions of global developments on Arab economies, especially with regard to the extent of readiness of the governments of Arab countries for artificial intelligence, according to Government AI Readiness Index 2022. Dr. Hanafi reviewed the opportunities available to the Arab economy, most notably trade liberalization, cross-border cooperation, support for intra-Arab trade, the adoption of more sustainable economic systems, the role of the new tax policies in supporting Arab economies, the adoption of social business as a fundamental axis in development, the role of governance and the rule of law in supporting Arab economies, and political stability as
In conclusion, Dr. Khaled Hanafi stressed that all challenges on the global scene require practical and urgent measures to activate joint Arab economic action based on a new strategy that mimics the language of the present. His Excellency also stressed the need to arm yourself with technology and digitization in order to move forward.
The symposium was moderated by Dr. Sherine Nosseir, Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research, and was attended by a group of professors, faculty members, assistant staff, and students from the Departments of Economics and Political Science.
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