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Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, received a delegation from the British University of Hull, which included Dr. Philip Gilmartin, Vice President for International Affairs, Mr. Robert Skelton, Head of the Global Strategy Office at the University of Hull, and representatives of the British Embassy and the British Council in Cairo, in the presence of the Vice-presidents of Alexandria University, deans of the faculties of Engineering, Medicine, Computers and Data Science, the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, and representatives of the International Cooperation Office at Alexandria University.
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In his speech, Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa stressed that Alexandria University is keen to expand its base of global partnerships with major international universities, which reflects positively on the quality of the educational and research process at the university, and opens the doors of academic opportunity to study abroad and to benefit from various international experiences for its students, as well as students at Alexandria Public University, and Alexandria University International branches in Chad and South Sudan. He pointed out that Alexandria University has established many double and joint degrees with major international universities ranked globally, and seeks to complete its goal in this regard during the coming period, to achieve competitiveness in higher education at the regional and international levels. He added that the university is also keen to link scientific research with the industry, noting that the planned cooperation with the University of Hull will include conducting joint research, especially in areas related to clean energy, water, marine environment, climate issues, engineering fields, computer science, and green hydrogen production, as well as cooperation in the field of student and faculty exchange. Professor Konsowa drew attention to the distinguished participation of Alexandria University in the climate conference COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh and presenting the project “Green Fertilizer Production” through the use of green hydrogen as an energy source. This project provided solutions through technologies that do not cause any environmental damage during the production and operation stages.
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While Dr. Philip Gilmartin welcomed the cooperation with Alexandria University in areas of common interest, and praised the human and material capabilities and degrees in the various academic and scientific fields at the University. He gave an overview of the British University of Hull, explaining that it is the fourteenth university among the oldest universities in England, as it was established in 1927. He Explained that the University of Hull is an ambitious institution that seeks to prepare and qualify cadres, and includes four faculties and two research institutes, namely the Colleges of Science, Arts and Social Sciences, the College of Health and Social Care, and the College of Education.
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