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Within the framework of the role of Alexandria University in community service, and under the auspices of Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of the University, the Educational Services Center at the Faculty of Education organized a training program to educate teachers of Thebes schools in Alexandria, with the aim of keeping abreast of developments in the field of education. A group of professors from the Faculty of Education, Alexandria University participated in it.
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Professor Dr. Mohamed Anwar Farrag, Dean of the Faculty of Education, indicated that this training program comes within the framework of the cooperation protocol between Alexandria University and the Ministry of Education, by establishing a permanent administrative headquarters for the professional academy for teachers at the faculty, to raise the efficiency of teachers of different schools, pointing out that the center has trained more than 7,000 teachers of private and international schools in Alexandria so far.
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During the inauguration of the program, Dr. Anwar explained the summary of the program and the certificate granted to the participants, which is accredited by the Professional Academy for Teachers and the Faculty of Education, and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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The program began with a workshop for evaluating the learning outcomes, including a lecture by Dr. Mohamed Anwar, Professor of Measurement and Evaluation at the Department of Educational Psychology and Dean of the faculty.
Another workshop on planning skills for teaching, was presented by Dr. Azza Shadeed, Professor of Curricula and Teaching Methods of Science and Director of the Measurement and Evaluation Unit at the Faculty of Education, and Dr. Heba Saber Shaker, Assistant Professor of the Department of Curricula and Teaching Methods. Other workshops included Implementation Skills Workshop with Dr. Marwa El-Adawy, Director of the Educational Services Center and Assistant Professor at the Department of Curricula and Teaching Methods, and a workshop on behavioral problems with Prof. Dr. Nermin Awni, Professor and Head of the Educational Psychology Department at the Faculty of Education.
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